Carparison travels in the A35

Take a step inside our A35 with some well-known faces...

12 months ago we took delivery of a very exciting, very yellow and very powerful package – our very own Mercedes-AMG A 35… and ours to take on the road for the next year.

When it came to picking the Carparison car, it was an easy choice. AMG vehicles are world-renowned for their performance and to boot, this one came in bright yellow... Carparison yellow. 

Throw on a few stickers and it was ready for the road. We had fantastic fun testing it out on the snaking Devon roads just a stone’s throw from the Carparison office. For many of the team it was their first venture out in an AMG – and certainly an experience they wouldn’t forget in a while!

After we’d had our go, it was time to send it out for others to enjoy. We reached out to some of our favourite Influencers across the UK and let them have a go for themselves. Over the last 12 months the Carparison A35 has travelled the length and breadth of mainland UK. And as it nears the day where we swap the A35 for our next car, we thought we'd look back at all of the places they visited…


Ali Williams 


Location: Devon, UK. 

First up was a local visit to blogger Ali Williams, who cruised around the beautiful roads of East Devon in the A35; testing out how it fared on the morning commute as well as giving her ideas as to what could potentially be her next vehicle. 

“I absolutely loved my couple of weeks with the little yellow mean machine. It’s a bit of a beast, but I soon got used to it! I’m sure that Exeter will miss seeing it brightening up the traffic every morning!”

Devon Coast with Ali Williams

Devon Coast with Ali Williams

The Bristol Nomad


Location: Bristol, UK. 

The Bristol Nomad took the A35 from Bristol and into the Welsh hills for a thrilling exploration of the beautiful Black Mountains across Powys and Monmouthshire. 

“From urban exploring and big city lights, to rolling fields, Welsh valleys and mountain passes. We had a great adventure”.

Bristol Nomad - Carparison A35

The Black Mountains - Wales

Bristol Nomad test drives A35

Bristol by night


Rolling hills of the Black Mountains in the Carparison A35

Cornwall Lover


Location: Cornwall, UK.

It was down to Cornwall next to spend the month with Lowenna Pascoe, AKA Cornwall Lover. You might already know Lowenna for her beautiful photos of the Cornish coastline and hidden gems to visit around the county – many of which she re-visited in the A35, including:

  • Watergate Bay
  • Mawgan Porth
  • Pedn Vounder
  • Even a trip across the border to the beautiful Devon town of Salcombe

A35 arriving in Cornwall

Cornwall with Cornwall Lover

The beaches of North Cornwall

Bun the Sausage Dog


Location: London, UK.

For many of us our pooches are top priority when picking our next vehicle, so it’s only right that we had the help of one or two canine friends to test it out for us. Introducing Bun, a London-based Sausage dog who (with her lovely owners driving of course) took a trip up to the beautiful Lake District to check that the A35 passed the mark!

“Hoomans I make the decisions and I say we go to the drive through. EXTRA FRIES PLEASE”.

Lake District - Bun the Sausage Dog

The Lake District

The Hitched Hikers


Location: England... for now. 

Returning home from beautiful Sri Lanka, it was time for the Hitched Hikers to do a bit of great British exploring; swapping the sunshine for Christmas markets and drives around their home county, Yorkshire.

“Brightening up the grey English weather; just what we need when we’ve swapped the sunshine in Sri Lanka for cold and rainy England... sometimes in life, things don’t always go as planned but right now, being back home, we couldn’t be happier”.

Hitched Hikers Road Trip

On the road with the Hitched Hikers

Travel with the Hitched Hikers

Exploring Yorkshire

George the Sausage


Location: London, UK.

Back to London with the next of our furry friends; George, a miniature Dachshund with a lot of attitude. Exploring London, Windsor, the Lake District and Birmingham. During their month with the car, George’s owners confirmed George's favourite pastimes included barking at motorists from his perch in the backseat and keeping an eye out for pesky squirrels.

George the Sausage Dog

London with George the Sausage Dog

Cornwall Paradise 


Location: Cornwall, UK.

Photographer and Radio presenter for The Source FM, ‘Cornwall Paradise’ took the A35 for it’s final exploit of the Cornish coast. Causing a stir as it paraded through the streets of Fowey, North Cornwall and picturesque fishing villages in South Cornwall.

“Four big stormy weeks driving the beautiful Mercedes-Benz A35 AMG...! It’s been an absolute blast..!!!”.


South Cornwall with Cornwall Paradise

Lee Chisholm


Location: Dundee, Scotland, UK.

Last but not least was a trip to Scotland to meet Dad Download, Lee Chisholm. Now, as far as a trip away goes, we’ve got to admit this one did not go as planned. After months of anticipation, the car was delivered to Lee in Dundee… but this turned out to be one week before the UK went into total lock down as corona virus took hold. So rather than family trips to Lochs and the Highlands, the A35 spent almost 3 months sat on Lee's drive whilst inside the house Lee welcomed a brand new addition to the family; a beautiful baby girl.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s ok. There’s always next year!

Scotland with Dad Download

Scotland with Dad Download

Now comes the time to pick our next car... any suggestions as to what we should go for

End of a year with our A35

Exploring the roads local to us here at Carparison HQ