Second-generation Tesla Roadster
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Tesla set a date to launch the next best electric vehicle

Elon Musk has confirmed that production for the second-generation Tesla Roadster will begin in 2023.

Speaking at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting, as reported by Autocar, Musk cited the COVID-19 pandemic and global stock shortages as the reasons behind the later than expected dates.

The original second-generation Roadster was originally earmarked to launch in 2020 but has since been pushed back, with Tesla boasting big plans to further expand their line-up in the coming years.

Musk said, “Most likely what we’ll see is Cybertruck production in the next year and then reach volume production in 2023.

“Hopefully by then we can be producing the Semi [truck] and the new Roadster in 2023 as well. We should be through our severe supply chain shortages in 2023. I’m optimistic that will be the case.”

Second-Generation Tesla Roadster driving

Image Courtesy of Tesla, Inc

The news comes shortly after the successful launch of the Model Y in the UK, which is now available as a Tesla lease.

The new Tesla Roadster will reportedly have stunning sub-two second 0-60mph times and even sub-five second 0-100mph times. Its performance figures are reminiscent of Tesla Model S Plaid.

With top speeds over 250mph, Tesla plan to not only make the Roadster the quickest car in the world but also the best-performing EV.

It will have a claimed range of 620 miles, outperforming any fully electric car currently on the market by some distance.

According to the report, the first 1000 editions of the Tesla Roadster will be priced at a whopping £189,000, before dropping down to just over £151,000 thereafter.

Second-generation Tesla Roadster driving around corner

Image Courtesy of Tesla, Inc

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The Roadster was first launched back in 2008, but with improved aerodynamic design and efficiency, this second coming promises to be something quite special.

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