How we're making our office a safe space for returning workers

After weeks and weeks of uncertainty, make-shift home offices and back-to-back video calls, lockdown measures are gradually easing and we are finally able to take some small steps into adapting to the new normal. Carparison are back in the office and although team morale remains as high as always, the office is a bit different to how we left it. 

Here are the steps we’re taking to ensure a safe working environment for all of our staff…


We’d first of all like to take the time to disclose that all of the procedures and measures are in place in accordance to all government regulations and strict social distancing rules, and will of course be modified as and when required in line with government advice.

Personal Protective Equipment

Before any of the team returned to the office, our lovely General Sales Manager Matt was in charge of making the building safe and sanitary for use. This meant a deep clean and the supply and implementation of the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Most significant of all was the installation of perspex screens in-between and in front of all desks for protection. We’re lucky in our office that desks are large, and dividers are already in place, but these additional tall screens ensure optimum safety for all of our team. Other protective equipment that we've provided includes; gloves and wipes for use when cleaning down stations before and after use, disinfectant spray and wheel and seat covers for car travel.

Hand washing and hand-sanitising stations

All staff are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly with anti-bacterial soap or with hand sanitiser at one of the many ‘sanitising stations’ within the office. This will follow government practice on how to properly wash your hands as found on the NHS website. Hands must be washed or sanitised before touching anything communal or entering a communal area such as the kitchen, and all communal areas must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. 

One-Way entry and exit systems.

To ensure that there is no crowding in any doorway, corridor or section of the office space, all staff and visitors are following strict one-way entry and exit systems with separate doors for entering and exiting the building. 

Social distancing

In accordance to government guidance, a two-metre distance must be adhered to. We're also making sure that meeting rooms also have a 2 person maximum capacity and are also only used if team members can enter and remain at a 2m distance from each other at all times.

We have also ensured that all doors and windows remain open throughout the day to minimise the need to touch them and also to ensure a constant flow of fresh clean air around the office.


Deep cleaning

As well as daily cleaning at regular intervals throughout the day, the office will undergo a deep clean 3 times per week. All of the team are also required to clean down their stations at the beginning and end of each day. The office hasn't been this sparkly since we first moved in! 

Limiting the use of high-touch items

As routine as they are, tea or coffee rounds will be a thing of the past for us. Only one person is allowed our kitchen at any given time, with all equipment used being properly sanitised before and after use. We’ll also be restricting the use of our printers and whiteboards (as well as cleaning after every use). And as much as we love to try out new cars together, we’ll also be limiting the number of people sharing vehicles and using wheel and seat covers for every use. 


The physical and mental health and well-being of our staff is of the utmost importance to us here at Carparison, and all of these measures have been implemented to ensure their safety at all times. The health of each member of the team will be monitored closely, and if any of the team do begin to feel ill they will be sent home immediately and instructed to follow government guidance and will not return to work until a period of self-isolation has been completed. 

If you have any questions about any of these measures, or would like to get in touch with a member of the team please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].