Meet the newest members of the Carparison team

A lot has changed over the last few months in every corner of the world. Being accustomed to sad, scary and troubling news filling our timelines and television screens we feel both fortunate and thrilled to be able to share a happier announcement. Since March, we have welcomed five new members to the Carparison team - this is in addition to our newly appointed Commercial Sales Manager, Matt, whom we introduced back in July.

After what has been (and continues to be) a tumultuous time for us all, the whole Carparison team returned safely to our head offices in line with the opening of car dealerships on 1st June. This was preceded by a number of months with a reduced workforce based in their homes. So, to be able to welcome each other back, alongside some lovely new faces, was not only incredibly uplifting for our teams, but also allows us to continue to serve our wonderful customers with only the best possible service

Our new starters bring skills and experience from across the automotive and creative spectrum and have joined our existing teams in sales, pricing, sales administration and marketing. 

Without further ado, let's meet them!


Tom Clarke - Pricing Analyst


Tom is the Sergei to our Alexander. He boasts a eclectic mix of automotive experience: from valeting, to sales, to purchasing and remarketing.  Now, Tom is responsible for maximising our contact with the dealerships who supply our lovely lease vehicles and for getting the best lease deals online as quick as possible. Tom completes our three-strong pricing team and is an incredibly important cog in the Carparison ecosystem. 

Aside from cars, Tom has a talent for music. Utilising his degree in music production and performance, he has played in a number of cover and tribute bands over the years. Tom is also a keen cook (likening himself to Gordon Ramsey due to fiery bursts of frustration when things go wrong!). 

Tom commented on his time with Carparison, "It feels great to be part of an amazing team of people and an up and coming company that seizes every opportunity available to help grow the magnificent leasing machine which is Carparison!"


Katie Isherwood - Sales Administrator


Katie joined Carparison following a number of years with a hugely-successful premium brand dealership. Being used to the high sales volumes and the exceptional customer service intrinsic with such a role, she was perfect for the job! Katie has an infectious sense of humour and is a calming aura around the office every day. 

Katie is a keen surfer, book worm and over the last few months has become a dab hand with a paintbrush as a result of decorating her new home. Fun fact: she loves plants. So much in fact that her house plants have their own instagram account! 


Katie Chisholm - Sales Administrator


Katie is the final piece of our administration trio. Like Katie Isherwood, she also joined us from a similar role with a premium brand, bringing over a whole host of valuable experience. Katie is tenacious, organised and rapturous and, as such, we feel very lucky to have her on the team. A quick wit, sassy nature and penchant for reality TV provide us with constant entertainment, and she is a vital part of the admin team. 

Katie's role is to look after our customers once they've placed an order and ultimately get their new lease car or van to them quickly and without hitch. And as our reviews attest to, the whole team are at the top of their game! 


Anthony Cutler - Leasing Consultant


Anthony is the newest member of our consultancy team and is on hand to guide you through the steps of ordering your new lease car. A big lover of fitness as well as a keen interest in Rugby, he joins Carparison with a sparkling automotive career behind him, working for a plethora of prestigious brands, most recently for a local commercial vehicle specialist. 

It is getting to the crux of each customer's needs that makes Anthony tick. So whether you're sure on your perfect lease car or need a bit of a helping hand, Anthony is your man! 


Aimee Green - Marketing Assistant


Aimee joined the Carparison Marketing team at the beginning of August and is already a vital and treasured team member. She was looking to develop her passion for campaign building and events following the completion of her Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. Also a data lover, Aimee is perfectly placed to bring our ambitious marketing projects to life.

Outside of work you'll find Aimee at the gym, behind the camera or feeding her love of gaming. Her artistic eye and talent with pencil and paper reflect in her flourish for digital design, and we can't wait to see how this passion develops both professionally and personally.

When asked about her time with Carparison, Aimee said, "So far everyone has been very nice/helpful and patient with me, I look forward to many exciting projects ahead!"

A good news story

The arrival of new recruits is always a moment of joy, but is one we feel is particularly celebratory when considering the trials of the last few months.

Please join us in welcoming our newest team members.

And head here if you'd like to meet the rest of Carparison's ever-growing cohort.