team behind the screen

An animated insight into an animated office

Why caricatures? You might ask. Well, a 'Meet the Team' page with no faces isn’t really a 'Meet the Team' page at all if you ask us. However, not all of our team love an impromptu photoshoot as much as others, and nor should they – so this is the solution we’ve come up with. 

We hope it offers an animated insight into what is (and we say this in the best way possible), an incredibly animated office. 

Let's meet the team and find out a little bit about what they do...

Sales team


Now, if you'd have asked us to name our sales team a couple of years ago, we could have done so on one hand. In tandem with our growth, the sales team has expanded massively - with a team that has since doubled in size (and continues to grow by the day it seems). 

It's one of these lovely lot who will receive and respond to your inquiry when you get in touch with Carparison and they'll help take you through the leasing process. With a wealth of automotive experience between them, our leasing experts are here to make finding and leasing your next car or van that much simpler. 

Taking charge of our sales team are Transaction Manager, Andy and General Sales Manager, Matt Measor. They make a very lovely bunch!  

Admin team


Our Admin team comprises of Kate, Katie, Louise, and Emma - and most recently, Chloe. These ladies work relentlessly to arrange delivery, organise payments, handle logistics, and most importantly keep our customers updated throughout. They are a pivotal team in ensuring that the entire process of organising your lease vehicle goes smoothly and making sure you receive the best levels of service the entire time. 

Marketing team


Our Marketing Manager Sarah used to singled-handily manage all of our marketing efforts, but as the business has rapidly expanded, so have our numbers to stay ahead of the curve. As an online business, the marketing team - consisting of Aimee, Sarah, Charlotte, Alice, and Ryan - are responsible for helping you find out about Carparison in the first place. They create and distribute all the vehicle reviews, industry news, social media, and more. They are also renowned for telling the worst jokes in the office. 



Our pricing team consists of Sam, Simon, and Tom. They have the task of finding the best lease deals available on every car or van across our site. It's a pretty monumental task, especially as rates change so quickly, so they're always kept on their toes. The boys source bespoke deals and stock deals, working closely with our sales team to ensure that customers are always benefitting from the best offers.

Fiona - accounts


The lovely Fiona is in charge of accounts at Carparison. If all goes to plan, you shouldn't have to have any dealings with our Fiona, although more's the pity for it as she's wonderful. She works behind the scenes, predominately dealing with the business side of the accounts - keeping us all in check and making sure we don't spend too much money! 

Matt Woodward


Last but certainly not least, is the man in charge. Matt is our General Manager and is tasked with keeping this unruly bunch under control. He oversees the day-to-day running of Carparison, making sure that the business and the staff are working towards the same goals. 

Matt works closely with all of the department Managers - Andy, Matt, Simon, Kate, and Sarah - to make sure we're all happy and doing the best job we can. The well-being of the business and all of us in it is Matt's main priority. He's also figured out that we are a team highly motivated by pizza, so a good week is often rewarded with that infamous blue-boxed pizza delivery service...