Vehicle dealerships reopen

How will my lease vehicle be delivered in line with COVID-19 rules?

UK dealerships were permitted to remain open during England's most recent lockdown. With restrictions beginning to lift as part of the Government's road map, we are delighted to still be able to deliver your new lease vehicle. Here is what to expect when your new car is delivered. 

Carparison work with a large number of dealerships based throughout the UK. This is in order to provide a diverse range of lease cars and in order to hand pick only the most competitive lease deals based on vehicle list price. 

We are delighted to confirm that the delivery of vehicles from both existing and incoming lease orders are operating as normal, following strict COVID-19 guidelines.

What is the role of a dealership when you lease a vehicle?

As a broker, we act as an intermediary between our customers, the supplying dealerships and our partnering funders. The stock we sell and the total vehicle price is set by the dealerships. It is also their teams who will be responsible for delivering the vehicle to our customers.

Since reopening their doors at the beginning of June, deliveries from our dealerships have recommenced with a few vital changes in place.

What you can expect when your lease car is delivered

Each of our dealerships will have their own vehicle preparation and delivery routine. The intricacies of which will be dependent on their own internal infrastructures. However, each will follow these steps in order to abide by social distancing measures and to maximise sanitation without compromising the handover experience received by the vehicle recipient. In addition, all vehicle deliveries must abide by the BVRLA's new COVID-19 guidance for delivery services.

Here's what you can expect if your lease vehicle will be delivered in the coming months:

Technician wearing gloves

1) Pre-delivery inspection

A PDI or a pre-delivery inspection takes place ahead of every vehicle delivery. The purpose of a PDI is to check the general condition of the vehicle and, if present, rectify any problems before delivery. A technician will assess the vehicle both mechanically and aesthetically with various tests that take place within their workshop and out on road tests.

New: This test will continue to be completed by one technician and will be just as thorough. However, the technician completing the check will now wear gloves at all times.

2) Valet

A full and thorough valet of the vehicle will always take place ahead of delivery. This includes a deep clean inside and out of the vehicle to ensure the vehicle looks its best upon delivery. Depending on the driving conditions at the time of delivery and the condition of the vehicle thereafter, the vehicle may receive an additional wash at the closest available facility to the recipient. 

New: The valet will continue to take place by individuals wearing appropriate PPE. It is at this moment that protective covers will be applied to the vehicle, most notably to the steering wheel as the highest touch area. 

Antibacterial wipes

3) Dispatch

Once the vehicle is prepared for delivery it will be placed in the dealership's dispatch area. Here the final quality control checks take place.

New: At this point, a full antibacterial wipe down is carried out.

4) Delivery

Our administration team will arrange delivery with you personally based on the available dates offered to us from the supplying dealership. A few days ahead of delivery you should expect a call from the dealership's delivery team to finalise details and ensure they are aware of any special circumstances. They are unlikely to be able to give you an exact time slot due to extenuating factors like traffic and weather condition. However, you should also receive a call a few hours ahead of their arrival.

New: As well as using disposable protective surfaces, all drivers will wear gloves for the duration of their journey. They will call you to advise of arrival once they have reached the delivery location, remove disposable protective surfaces and will wipe over the interior of the vehicle, door handles and keys with antibacterial wipes. They will then place their handover pack away from themselves for safe collection by the recipient. They will either sign the handover document on the recipient's behalf and take a photo of them and the car or ask the recipient to review and sign the documents from a distance.

If you become unwell or are self-isolating please contact us to rearrange the delivery of your lease vehicle.

new car familiarisation

5) Vehicle familiarisation

One of the benefits of personalised driven delivery is that a vehicle expert is on hand to take you through the vehicle features and controls in person.

New: It is important that this support remains in place for those who want it, but it must take place at a 2m distance. Or, if this is not possible, via phone/email by contacting the dealership in the days following delivery of the lease vehicle. If you contact the dealership for assistance, appropriate guidance can be provided remotely.

6) Driver return

Having completed the delivery process, the driver would usually use public transport to make their way back to the dealership or be collected by a colleague who was also en-route.

New: Drivers will be using hire cars to travel back after a delivery is complete and, as before, no assistance is required by the vehicle recipient.

Delivery lead times are listed where possible on all lease deals where the vehicle is in stock. We are expecting factory order vehicles to be subject to delays due to reduced manufacturer work forces, so please ask your leasing consultant for delivery expectations on these vehicles.

If you are looking to take delivery of a lease vehicle in the next few weeks, search our in stock lease deals.