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July 19 is the date on everyone’s lips. Across England the COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, and we're heading into Step 4. 

This means once again the rules around safety measures are changing. We’ve spoken to our dealerships so that you know what to expect with the delivery of your new car lease after July 19.

We work with a large number of dealers based throughout the UK. Each dealership works in a different way, but their deliveries follow the same routine.

With restrictions easing, dealerships will no longer have to abide by the BVRLA's COVID-19 car delivery guidance. However, our partners are still committed to making sure that you and their drivers stay safe by keeping the current measures in place, or implementing similar variations.

Delivery preparation for lease vehicles was one of the many things that our supplying partners had to change during the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed to allow optimum sanitisation and social distancing, dealers and customers alike have adapted to these new measures in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at the point of vehicle handover.

But with government guidance changing as we enter step 4 of the recovery roadmap, what does this now mean for your lease vehicle delivery?

We have collated updated guidance from our dealer partners, with varying responses.

Despite government advice eradicating the legal requirement to do so from Monday 19th July, most have chosen to maintain all existing precautionary measures to reduce ambiguity with the safety of their customers and staff in mind. 

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Those that aren't doing so are adjusting to give their delivery teams and customers more choice. Exemptions notwithstanding, you will be given the opportunity to express your desires for the arrival of your new lease car. In these cases, and depending on the delivery team's own precautionary requirements, there may be wider opportunity for an in-person vehicle demonstration if requested. 

Regardless of this, and although COVID-19 restrictions will no longer be law and are therefore not enforceable, we will continue to ask all parties to remain vigilant, careful and considerate in order to keep everyone safe. 

What to expect from your lease delivery:

1. Before delivery

Please inform our administration team of any special requirements around the delivery of your lease vehicle, including your preferred COVID-19 safety precautions.

Where possible, we will confirm the exact procedure of the dealership supplying your vehicle and will advise them of any special requests.

We still ask that you inform your administration agent if you, or someone you live with, contracts COVID-19, shows symptoms or has a positive test result within 10 days of the delivery date.

2. The pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and valet

A PDI will take place before every delivery. The technician will wear gloves and take special precautions during the inspection. It will be as thorough as ever, to make sure your vehicle is in prime condition.

The valet includes a deep clean of the vehicle inside and out, and it'll be completely sanitised. Some dealerships may also place covers over the high-touch points, including the steering wheel.

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3. Dispatch

When the vehicle is ready for delivery, it’ll be moved to the dealerships dispatch area. The vehicle will get another wipe down and go through its final quality control checks.

4. Delivery

The admin team will get in touch to confirm a delivery date with you. The dealership will then be in touch to finalise the details, and make sure any special arrangements are in place.

This is another good opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have - they'll have all the up-to-date information about their delivery policies.

It’s unlikely that you'll be given a specific time slot, but on delivery day the driver will ring when they are a few hours away. Some drivers may wear gloves during the delivery, but they will wipe down the interior and keys for you regardless. The driver should automatically be be wearing a mask unless exempt, or they will ask you if you wish them to. If you are able to, we ask that you also wear one.

The delivery pack will be at a safe distance for you to collect. The driver might ask if they can sign the delivery note on your behalf and take a photo of you and the car, but you might be asked to sign the documents yourself at a safe distance.

You’ll still get the chance to inspect the vehicle before signing the delivery note and record anything you're unhappy with. This is a really important part of the process, so make sure you are comfortable with the requirements of taking delivery of your lease vehicle ahead of time.

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5. Vehicle familiarisation

To maintain social distancing measures, some dealerships may not be able to guarantee you the chance to sit in the car alongside the driver. But we know how important it is that you still have the support to familiarise yourself with the car.

Some dealerships are now allowing the driver to sit in the car with you and take you through the controls, and this will have been communicated to you prior to delivery day. 

However, if this isn't possible you can still ask the driver any questions you may have, and they can help you from a distance. Alternatively, get in contact with the dealership, and they’ll be able to offer remote support and advice.

6. Driver return

When the handover is complete, and you've signed the delivery note, the driver will make their way back to their base. You won't be expected or required to assist them in their return journey - the dealership will have already made all the arrangements to get them back safely.

Many of the dealerships we work with are sticking to the strictest of guidelines. Their – and our – main concern is the safety of you and the drivers, even as restrictions continue to lift. There will be changes from dealership to dealership, especially as the guidelines are no longer the law. Regardless, every customer will be able to ask questions and submit their delivery precaution request to dealerships if applicable.

Your comfort and safety is key, and the dealers will work with you to make sure you feel happy with the handover process. All procedures will be reviewed regularly across the board, and we will continue to make sure that you are kept up to date with any changes.

If you have any more questions regarding the delivery of your new lease vehicle, check out our lease car delivery FAQs.