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Do I need Minor Damage Insurance or Alloy Wheel Insurance?

Any damage to your new car which falls outside of the BVRLA’s Fair Wear and Tear Allowance will be chargeable at the end of your lease, so it’s worth thinking about what you can do to protect yourself and your car while it’s in your possession.

Even with the best-laid plans in the world, you can never entirely rule out collisions or moments of human error.

It’s easy to kerb our alloys when a parking space is tighter than it looks, or to scratch the paintwork when squeezing down a narrow lane. And we’re constantly surrounded by other drivers who might not be as diligent or as careful as we are.

Taking out MDI or Alloy Wheel Insurance can help prevent against additional costs at the end of your lease by allowing you to get scuffs, dinks, and dents fixed before you hand your car back, with the ability to get up to 18 repairs on a 36-month lease.

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