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Car related New Years Resolutions

The start of a new year is a great time to indulge in retrospection and pledge to make changes for the betterment of our and other’s health, heart and soul.

Join the gym? Tick
Save up for that holiday? Getting there
Call home more? Needs work

Now could be time to step away from the tried and tested of resolutions of old and try something new.

If you are one of the 82% of UK adults living in a household with access to a car or van (RAC foundation), or one of the majority of Brits who spends more time driving than they do socialising (The Telegraph), why not focus your New Year’s Resolution on making your time behind the wheel that much more enjoyable for all involved?

We put this to our lovely team and asked them what car related New Year’s Resolutions they’ll be trying this year. Here’s what they came up with.

Do a monthly deep clean

Andy – Sales Manager and father of two.

“With two young boys it can be hard to keep my car clean. Whether it is muddy football boots or emergency snacking, no matter how careful we are there is always something to be tidied or cleaned up. This year my New Year’s resolution is to do a monthly deep clean of my car. The extra effort will not only ensure we can continue to enjoy using the car to its full but, as it is a lease, will prevent us incurring any unforeseen charges when I hand the car back.”

Drive more economically

Alice – Content Marketing Specialist and car fanatic.

“It is important to me to drive more economically in 2020. While saving money at the pumps is a definite benefit, more important to me is the reduced environmental impact it will have until I am in a position to move into a fully electric vehicle. For me this means being cleverer with my gear changes and avoiding unnecessary acceleration and braking.”

> See how Carparison are supporting more economical driving.

Check tyre health monthly

Simon – Pricing Manager and recent puncture victim.

“Having experienced a puncture in the last few weeks and having suffered the hassle involved in getting mobile again, tyre health has become something I’ll be taking extra notice of from now on. I’ve found it all too easy to rely on the tyre pressure warnings on my dash, assuming all is well until that dreaded notification appears. However, it takes just a few minutes to check our tyre tread and for any bulges or splits. And it is my New Year’s resolution to check my tyres thoroughly every month from now on.”

Plan an epic road trip

Josh – Leasing Consultant and long-distance commuter.

“My car related New Year’s Resolution was inspired by a recent family road trip from our home in the South West of England up to the Lake District. We had such a great time that we’d like to do something similar over the next twelve months, this time going even further. Eventually we would love to do Scotland’s North Coast 500, but we will have to wait until our boy is a bit older for that one!”

> See our top rated road trips in the UK and Ireland.

Be a kinder driver

Kate – Admin Manager and office agony aunt.

“I wouldn’t call myself easily frustrated and I’m always extremely organised (hence my calling to admin, I suppose!). But there are times out on the road that I let the situation get the better of me. Unsurprisingly, I think this is most frequently when stuck in traffic… which can be a regular occurrence when leaving work during rush hour. It is therefore my New Year’s Resolution to consciously be more kind while I'm driving. Notably, to make the effort to let people merge regardless of how long I have been queuing myself!”

> See our top tips on being a kinder driver

If none of these suggestions take your fancy but you are constantly in pursuit of the very best bang for your buck (and let's be honest, who isn't?!) we have the perfect New Years Resolution for you:

Consider leasing as a funding option for your next new car.

Leasing isn't right for everyone, but could end up saving you money, time and hassle if you are set on having a new car and would like to swap out easily after just a few years. Add to that: free UK mainland delivery and collection, road tax being included for the full term and handy maintenance packages. If you are unsure if leasing is right for you, our advice is to take the time to investigate it as an option; it is likely to surprise you.

Finding your perfect car lease car deal: start your search today.

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Posted on 11th December 2019 at 2:02 PM

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