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COVID-19 vehicle leasing FAQs

With an uncertain and indefinite time ahead of us all as a result of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 outbreak, Carparison want to offer answers and clarity around how this may affect vehicle leasing and lease holders.

If you would like further information on how Carparison are protecting their staff and customers during this time, please read our statement on COVID-19.

May we take this opportunity to wish you and your wider communities safe and well and extend our thanks to all the personnel working to keep our country moving, fed and looked after.

If there are any further questions you'd like us to include and explain, please contact us at

Can I still order a lease car?

Although all Carparison staff are working remotely in order to abide by the protective measures communicated by HM government, we are fully prepared and able to operate as normal. Our website will remain up-to-date, enquiries will be responded to promptly and any orders placed will be looked after as they always have been.

The one element of our business that unavoidably involves travel and human proximity is the delivery of our lease vehicles. Although extra precautions have been taken over the previous weeks to ensure these deliveries are safe and hygienic, as they are not defined as 'essential or key work' an increasing number of dealerships are making the decision to halt this service until it is safe to recommence. What this means is that any orders placed from these dealerships will be subject to an extended delivery time, the duration of which we cannot confirm until we know more about a conclusion to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Any existing and future orders affected by delivery delays will be notified as a matter of urgency.

What lease cars are available?

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a number of manufacturers to close their factories. This means there will be a delay to factory order lease vehicles, the length of which we are unable to confirm until we know more about a conclusion to the outbreak.

Stock vehicles are not affected by these factory closures as they are already built and on site with our partnering dealers. While in stock vehicles may still be subject to delivery delays, they will be released to you as soon as it is safe to do so. Factory order cars take upwards of 3 months from build to delivery under usual circumstances, and these closures will severely extend this.

You can filter for in stock vehicles via our search tool or look out for our 'in stock' tags on each of our lease deals.

Extended Cancellation period

For customers affected by COVID-19 we understand that current uncertainty increases stresses and strains, with the financial commitment of a lease car potentially only adding to this. With this in mind, we would like to extend the cancellation period for persons affected by the COVID-19 outbreak to the point where we are able to arrange delivery with you. This means you can cancel right up until you have booked your delivery date with us.

We would encourage anyone with an existing order to make use of this extension where possible. Not only because it helps support us to continue as a business during this time, but it also locks in the vehicle. This is even more important than usual as stock vehicles are expected to deplete rapidly in light of factory closures.

If you would like to cancel your lease vehicle order under this extension, you will still be liable for a refund of your full processing fee. Due to the costs incurred in booking a delivery, our standard cancellation policy prevails after delivery is booked: any cancellations made by the customer only will be subject to individual review by our team in order to assess refund eligibility, any orders cancelled or amended by Carparison will be eligible for a full refund.

Will the delivery of my lease vehicle be delayed?

Carparison and our partners are committed to following HM Government advice to ensure our population is kept safe and with the hope we can overcome the virus and its effects as soon as possible. Bearing this in mind, the majority of dealerships have made the decision to close and with it their vehicle delivery operations are halted. Deliveries of some lease vehicles will therefore be affected until a conclusion to the COVID-19 outbreak is realised.

Any affected deliveries will be rescheduled as soon as official advice allows it and anyone affected will be informed by Carparison as a matter of urgency.

Are lease vehicle deliveries safe?

It has been the priority of our dealerships that the delivery of lease vehicles are completed in a safe and hygienic manner. Although all dealerships are dealing with it differently, revisions to the usual service include the complete disinfection of all vehicles before they leave the dealership, all drivers wearing gloves for the duration of their journey and a simplification to the usual handover process to minimise time spent on location and to prevent contact. Also, where it would be usual for delivery drivers to rely on public transport for their return journey, this is prevented by ensuring all drivers are accompanied by a colleague in a separate vehicle who will then return home with them.

We understand that the delivery of a new vehicle should be an exciting and much-anticipated event. If you are feeling unwell, or would like to reschedule your delivery in light of current events, please contact our team at who will assist however possible. 

If my delivery is delayed will I still have to pay for my lease car?

With any vehicle lease, the initial payment is taken by direct debit 7-10 days after the delivery of your vehicle. Therefore, if your vehicle delivery is delayed, so too will your corresponding payments.

The only payment you will be expected to make is the £234 inc VAT processing fee taken at time of order.

Will I have to pay more for my lease vehicle if delivery is delayed?

We are working with our partners to ensure the prices quoted are honoured on lease deals affected by delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are two circumstances that may affect the cost of lease vehicles facing extended delays. These are:

VED changes
We are unable to hold prices on lease cars that are registered after April 1st and are therefore subject to VED price increases. Therefore, any lease vehicles registered on or after April 1st will be subject to price increases to reflect the change in VED tax rates applicable to that vehicle. This is regardless of when the order was placed. If your lease vehicle is pre-registered this does not apply.

Additional support
We sometimes receive additional support for registering cars in key registration periods and we pass these savings onto our end users. If we are unable to register a vehicle because we are unable to provide a firm delivery date, this additional support may become null and void. This could result in higher monthly payments than originally quoted. If your lease vehicle is pre-registered this does not apply.

In either case, anyone affected will be notified and will be eligible for cancellation. They will receive a full refund of our processing fee and will receive assistance in finding an alternative lease deal if requested.

Can I extend my current lease?

Extending your current lease is possible but you will need to contact your current funder to arrange this. It is reliant on your provider, but two choices are usually available: an extension for an agreed period or an informal rolling extension to account for a more flexible period.

It is likely that the collection procedures for returning lease vehicles will also be affected by the protective regulations around COVID-19 and we recommend contacting your current lease provider to understand your options.

What if I can no longer afford my lease payments?

It is understood that the financial effects this outbreak are far reaching. As with other industries, the leasing sector will continue to assess ways that it can support those affected by the current disruption. If you are suffering financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19, please contact your lease provider urgently to discuss your options.

If you have placed an order with us, are yet to take delivery and are concerned that you will no longer be able to afford the agreement, you are free to cancel your order. However, we have extended our cancellation period to allow for consideration of your circumstances after the COVID-19 outbreak concludes while securing the vehicle you have chosen. If you have already taken delivery of your lease vehicle and are concerned about affordability, please contact your finance provider urgently to understand your options.

What do I do if my lease vehicle is due a service or MOT?

HM government announced a 6 month extension for vehicles requiring an MOT, provided they are safe to drive. This alleviates the strain on our garages who can instead function with skeleton staff while ensuring our key industries, and any emergency repairs, are looked after. To coincide with this, many manufacturers are extending the grace period that protects vehicle warranty after the due date of a service. The length or mileage limit of this grace period will depend on your vehicle, so head to the manufacturer's website or contact your nearest dealership for confirmation.

If it is possible for you to make use of these extensions and therefore avoid leaving your home to service or MOT your lease vehicle while COVID-19 is still a threat, you should do so.

Some lease vehicles may now cross into the service or MOT threshold due to delays in the collection. In usual circumstances lease holders are able to hand the car back without being responsible for the final maintenance work right up until the due day of the MOT or service. The same extensions apply to lease holders during this period for both areas of vehicle maintenance, but check with your funder if you are in any doubt.

If you know anyone suffering as a result of the self-isolation measures required for us to minimise the effects of COVID-19 and who may benefit from a regular chat, our team are dedicating their spare time to offering their remote company. If this may be of interest, please email

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Posted on 24th March 2020 at 3:33 PM

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