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The best parking and driving apps for 2019

Technology is helping drivers across the globe, whether that means finding a parking space in a city centre or the cheapest petrol station. New apps have been developed to help drivers better understand their cars and even drive more safely. In this article, we look at the best parking and driving apps for 2019.


Finding a decent parking space can often be the most frustrating aspect of driving. Once you find a space, it might be ludicrously expensive, or it might not allow you to stay for more than 30 minutes. Luckily, AppyParking is here to take the stress away. The innovative app has collated on and off-street parking information across London and 11 of the UK’s biggest cities, offering users a free app to find out when and where they can park.

We caught up with Jack Taylor, senior operations at AppyParking, to find out more:

“AppyParking is way more than just another parking app. We’re the next generation connected car and traffic management platform that bridges the gap between big data, high definition mapping and IoT (real-time sensors, connected car) and payments.

“AppyParking is creating the next generation ‘end-to-end’ intelligent transport platform and product suite that benefits cities and civilians by exposing data in a meaningful format.”

An article by the Huffington Post revealed that London mayor Sadiq Khan has a vision for the capital to become the world’s leading ‘Smart City’, using smart technologies and data to improve public services and city living. It’s this element that Jack feels AppyParking can help with:

“Our agnostic and holistic approach offers a scalable Smart City solution that dramatically saves cities from congestion and pollution and saves drivers’ time, money and increased productivity.”

With just a few flicks, AppyParking also shows the nearest and cheapest daily fuel prices. The company’s research has shown that drivers using AppyParking across the UK can save £8 on every tank and up to £33 in London. The average UK based driver that fills up twice a week can save £65 a month.

One Click Parking

Councils are trialling technology from AppyParking which could mean drivers will never have to face parking fines again. The One Click Parking system, which uses tracking software, is being tested by Westminster Council and monitors when you park and what time you leave, before automatically debiting the money from your account. As well as avoiding hefty parking fines, this new piece of technology also removes the frustrating need for loose change.

In an article by The Sun, AppyParking CEO Dan Hubert said: “Forty per cent of parking income and fines comes from London even though Londoners own only 10 per cent of UK cars and it is our aim at AppyParking to make parking fines a distant memory.

“Every day drivers and fleet businesses are on the roads and it is impossible to predict how long an appointment or emergency may take. One Click Parking will take the pressure out of parking and benefit the local area by reducing congestion and pollution that comes from unnecessarily circling round the block.”

Download AppyParking from the App Store or Google Play.


With over one million downloads and users from 180 countries, Drivemode burst onto the scene in 2014, with the aim of allowing drivers to use basic functions on their phone without distracting them from the road. The app’s simplified interface, easy-to-use voice commands and large buttons help drivers to access messages, change music tracks or even use Google Maps on the road. We caught up with Drivemode to find out more about the app:

“Apps like Drivemode are changing the way we drive in that distraction can be greatly minimised using great design and technology. The Drivemode platform enables voice-control so you don’t have to use your hands to perform common commands, or if simple input is needed, swipes or taps on big buttons reduce fiddling with the screen.

“Many apps in and of themselves can improve their own interfaces for driving, but it’s the switching back and forth between functions like navigation, music control, and viewing messages that cause much of the distraction. Drivemode is the only app that facilitates that switching in a seamless way in addition to integrating with many apps that most people use.

The app is currently available on Android devices and can be downloaded here. The iPhone version will soon be available.

Real MPG

For drivers eager to find out just how many miles they can squeeze out of their car, Honest John’s app may come in handy. Kerry Craig at Honest John told us more about the app:

“Real MPG was launched in 2011 after Honest John received thousands of complaints from readers that their cars could not match the ‘official’ EC fuel economy figures. Unlike official fuel consumption figures – obtained under laboratory conditions – Real MPG uses real life comparative data to show car owners and buyers how much on-the-road fuel a vehicle really uses.

“Covering all major makes and models, the Real MPG app provides access to over 120,000 real world fuel reports and makes it easy to see realistic fuel economy figures for cars and vans. Free to download and easy to use, the Real MPG app calculates your car’s fuel consumption and allows you to track its on-the-road economy. You can also compare your vehicle’s average score with its official rating and see how it fares with other Real MPG drivers.”

With the app, users can:

• Store multiple cars and view the fuel economy history and statistics for each one
• Store fill-up details and track your fuel economy over time
• Compare your car’s Real MPG score with other owners
• Compare your car’s Real MPG performance with the national average
• Share your results on Facebook and challenge your friends to beat your score

You can download the app for free on your iPhone here, but it is not currently available for Android.

Petrol Prices

Search for the cheapest petrol prices in your area with the app from PetrolPrices. Helping drivers save money on their fuel, as well as saving time, is the main aim of the app. With 8,490 stations listed and 8,000 daily updates, you’ll get the latest data with the app, which covers major service stations including BP, Shell and Texaco, as well as independent stations.

PetrolPrices is available to download for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Highways England App

There’s no getting around it, traffic is the worst part of driving.

Thankfully, you can plan ahead and find alternative routes with the help of the Highways England app. Available for both iPhone and Android, you can check how traffic is flowing on motorways and major A roads in England. The app uses your current location to give you the latest traffic news, helping you to arrive at your destination promptly and safely.

The Highways England app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Moto Deals App

Whether you’re a frequent motorway user or planning a long road trip across the UK in your new lease, the Moto Deals App may be useful. With the app, you can download exclusive money-saving deals to your phone where you can save up to 40% on food and in stores at your nearest service station. Moto Deals allows you to see tomorrow’s deals, find your nearest Moto stop and check the station’s facilities.

Moto Deals is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

If you’re considering taking advantage of our latest lease deals, it may be worth downloading some of these useful apps for the road.

Image credits: AppyParking, Drivemode

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Posted on 19th March 2019 at 10:04 AM

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