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Do you have a car or van that you are looking to sell? We're here to help!

Receive a competitive valuation on your current vehicle and benefit from convenient collection based on your disposal needs. Payment will be made into a designated bank account the day following collection.

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Introducing our vehicle purchasing service

Carparison are proud to be part of a small but mighty business group based in Devon, together providing a wide range of automotive services to customers throughout the UK. We currently share our nine-acre head office grounds with a number of selected partners (as well as over 2000 cars). It is our pleasure to utilise this proximity to offer an official vehicle buying service for anyone looking to sell on their current car or van (hopefully before leasing a new one!).

Why sell your used car online?

If you want to avoid the hassle of selling your car privately while securing a competitive valuation alongside quick settlement and collection, our vehicle valuation partner is here to help.

Upon receiving your enquiry, our used vehicle valuation team will prepare a comprehensive quotation based on the details and condition report you will be required to provide. This will also consider any outstanding finance, if applicable*. You can complete a form remotely or run through it with a representative over the phone. The price offered will be based on to-the-minute industry data and comprehensive market research in assessment of the vehicle condition report provided by you.

The good news? Models of all ages and mileages will be considered. All valuations are valid for 7 days, plus the valuation price will always be honoured without last minute haggling (provided, of course, that the condition disclosure you've provided proves accurate on inspection!). 

*Please note that not all finance products are able to be released ahead of the agreed term and it is only possible to sell on the vehicle if a purchase option is available to you. If you owe more than the current value of the car, it is still possible that our valuation team can help. But you may be required to pay the difference between your outstanding finance and the current vehicle value.

Hassle free, honest and cost effective

Simply complete our quick and easy vehicle appraisal form. We'll provide a quote, which will be valid for seven days, and this figure is guaranteed based on the information you've provided to us. No messing.

Our expert team of drivers will then collect the vehicle from you on a convenient, prearranged date based on your needs.

You'll receive payment directly into a designated bank account the day following collection, allowing you to put this money towards the initial payment on your new lease car or van (or indeed anything else)! 

If you have any further questions, head to our FAQs for selling your vehicle.