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Jen's question: I currently have a car leased from you which will be due for servicing shortly. I was wondering if there is only certain garages that I can use for this or whether I can choose freely. 

Answer: If your lease deal does not include a maintenance package, you will need to organise the service yourself. Your funder will require you to have the vehicle serviced at a main dealership or a garage that uses genuine approved parts and is VAT registered. If you are unsure, please contact your funder. 

Amanda's question: I wish to end the agreement and hand back the car. Can you please advise how I go about that?

Answer: To discuss any possible early termination of your lease car contract, please contact your funder. We're sorry we're unable to assist you directly. 

James’ question: My contract says that Road Fund Licence is included "Full term". I presume that this means for the whole of my 4 year contract, even though the Government has decided to abolish free Road Fund fees for electric vehicles.

Answer: Road Fund Licence (or road tax) is included for the duration of your car lease contract at the prevailing rate. Any changes to government legislation made from the date of your agreement and throughout the contract term that result in an increase in Road Fund Licence fees will be owed by the end user and your funder will advise of this.


Sheenagh's question: I have a Mercedes A Class leased with Carparison. The car is only 12 months old and I keep getting a reminder to service the car in a couple of weeks. Usually when I have leased cars you don't have to service them until the second year. Please can you let me know if the car has to be serviced now? 

Answer: I am sorry that there has been confusion around the service schedule of your A-Class. These can differ between manufacturers, but Mercedes-Benz do operate at a 12-month service schedule or at 12,000 miles (whichever comes sooner). Therefore, you will need to arrange a service if either of those milestones are approaching. When servicing your lease vehicle there is no obligation to use a main dealer. But, if required, genuine parts must always be used by your chosen garage in order to maintain your car's warranty.


Brett's question: Do I have to tax the car or does the leasing company do this?

Answer: We can confirm that road tax at the prevailing rate is included in your lease cost and is administered entirely by the funder of your lease deal. This is because they are the registered keeper of the vehicle. Therefore, no action is required from yourself regarding taxing your new vehicle.

On the rare occasion that a road tax increase applicable to your lease vehicle occurs after your lease rates are agreed and during your term, you will be liable for this uplift. Your funder will contact you directly if this occurs. For example, if road tax costs increase by £5 per annum on your vehicle, your funder will contact you to arrange payment for this difference.

Michael’s question: I want to add another driver to my Tesla Model 3. The car doesn’t appear in my Tesla account so I can’t do this myself.

Answer: This can only be done after delivery and we would require the full name, email and contact number of the person you’re looking to add. Alternatively, you can contact your funder (as the vehicle owner) who have a portal to do this directly.

Sibongile's question: "Is it possible to increase my mileage allowance?"

Answer: Yes, it is possible to increase your mileage allowance throughout your lease term. You will have to contact your lease funder to do this and their terms and conditions will apply. For example, some funders may not allow you to increase your mileage allowance during the first six months, but this may vary between funders.


Sam’s question: I want to transfer my private registration plate onto my new lease vehicle, what do I need and where do I pay?

Answer: To put personalised plates on your new lease vehicle, you will need to obtain permission from the lease funder, as you are not the named owner of the car. 

Once the lease funder has approved your request, they will ask you to complete the relevant forms that they will need to submit to the DVLA on your behalf. This may come with an administrative cost.

This will ensure the funder of your lease deal is named as a Nominee of Entitlement, via the V750 certificate of entitlement, which can be completed online or via post. They will transfer the required documents to the DVLA to process the transferal before all documentation is returned to you.

Once you receive the confirmation documents back from the DVLA, you are clear to fit your plates to your lease vehicle. Please note, you can incur a fine if you fit personalised plates to your vehicle before receiving confirmation from the DVLA.

The DVLA claim that the whole process can take around six weeks in total and it is recommended that you start the process after the delivery of your lease vehicle.

David's question: Just wondering when I would know the right times to conduct services on my new vehicle, there are no indications of when the first service would be due?

Answer: Despite being a new car, your lease vehicle will still require a service as normal and the first should typically take place either after 12 months or once you reach a set number of miles - whichever occurs first. This could be anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 miles and may vary between manufacturers. This will be detailed in your vehicle handbook, while your car should also alert you as you approach the first of those two milestones.


Stacey's question: I’ve just taken ownership of a Mercedes, downloaded the Mercedes me app and I need a code! I asked the guy who delivered the car, he said normally it would come from the dealer when the car is collected. Can you help me with this?

Answer: Once you have created a Mercedes me account, the dealership will have to verify that account and pair your new car to it. You can arrange this by contacting the dealership directly, or get in touch with us and we would be happy to do so on your behalf.


Richard's question: If I pay nine months initial rental, does this mean I then don't pay a monthly payment for the final 9 months?

Answer: Your nine months initial rental does not act as the payment method for the final nine months of your term. The initial rental contributes to the overall cost of your term and this is reflected in the price of your monthly payment.

An initial rental can be the equivalent of one, three, six and nine upfront monthly payments. This is not the same as a traditional deposit. As it contributes to the wider cost of your lease term, there is no option to get that money back.


Sharon's question: What's the price for the maintenance pack for my Mercedes AMG 220 please?

Answer: Hi Sharon, thank you so much for your question. The fee for a maintenance package can vary depending on the terms of your lease and your choice of lease car. Therefore, we have asked your Leasing Consultant to send a quote directly to you based on your lease details and you should receive this shortly.

Maintenance packages offer fantastic peace of mind and includes the following; All manufacturer’s scheduled servicing, perishable items due to fair wear and tear, comprehensive breakdown and roadside assistance cover among much more.

A maintenance package can be added to your term at any point, however, you will be expected to pay for any missing months of cover. The range of packages you can choose from is more extensive before you take delivery of your lease car so we would always recommend considering this ahead of time in order to get the most cost-effective solution. Please bear in mind that any excess mileage charges will also increase when you take out a maintenance package to incorporate the extra wear and tear unavoidable with the added miles.

If you're interested in taking out a maintenance package, contact your designated leasing consultant and they would be more than happy to help. You can also find more information about the package and its benefits here.


Suzanne's question: Do I get an invoice for my deposit and when does first monthly payment come out? I received my lease car on Tuesday.

Answer: Hi Suzanne, thank you so much for your question. Select lease funders will send out welcome packages that can include invoices for the initial payment. This payment is likely to be taken 7-10 days after delivery. Your first monthly payment will then be taken around a month after your delivery date. 

Payment schedules can differ between various lease funders, so if you would like any further information on yours, please don't hesitate to contact our administration team, who can help with this further. We hope this helps and we wish you the very best with your new car!


Sandra's question: Can I lease a car without putting down a big deposit?

Answer: Absolutely! We have flexible lease deals here at Carparison, meaning you can choose how much you would like to commit to for your initial payment. Our no deposit car lease deals allow customers to pay the equivalent of one monthly fee in your first month. The total sum of your initial payment will determine your monthly payments for the remainder of your lease term, but it does not change the total cost of your deal. 


John's question: I'm looking to buy a Nissan Juke, am I better to go new or with a pre-reg?

Answer: Good question John! We do a lot of pre-reg specials here at Carparison and there can be some great value in going down this route. If you’re happy to be the second registered keeper, you’re essentially getting yourself a ‘new’ car for the cost of a used one. Our pre-reg cars will only have delivery miles on the clock, so performance-wise, you are unlikely to notice any significant differences to a brand new car. You do still need to be aware of things like the car’s warranty and services, as the vehicle is live and active from the point it was registered and not from the time you buy it.


Chris' question: Can you recommend an electric vehicle to buy? 

Answer: This is both a difficult and an easy one for us, Chris. We are huge fans of the Tesla Model 3, but we’re aware that it may not fit into everyone’s budget. If it is a viable option for you, there is so much to like about the Model 3.

The Standard Plus model has a Super Charge time of just 27 minutes, taking it from zero to 80 per cent in no time at all. You also have the Long Range model, which offers you a range of 348 miles, which is pretty impressive if you ask us. The Model 3 certainly feels like a bit of a trailblazer when it comes to EVs and if we had to pick one, regardless of budget, it would have to be that.