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Introducing our vehicle purchasing service

We are a part of an extensive automotive group with reliable reselling prospects. These tried and tested resell opportunities mean we can offer you a fair price when buying your car.

We provide a free, accurate and competitive valuation. Each application is assessed in person by a specialist. While we don't offer an instant price, the offer you will receive will be both realistic and accurate as a result.

Your valuation will not simply be based on the registration and mileage of your vehicle. It will consider other crucial elements that affect vehicle value including service history and vehicle condition. And you won't have to wait long as we aim to get this price to you within just three business hours.

We will arrange a collection with you based on your needs. You may be looking to sell your car quickly to put the figure towards a new lease car. Alternatively, if a quick exchange will leave you without transport, we can work with you on delaying this handover. Regardless, you will receive the funds directly into your bank account the day following collection.

Crucially, if the application you provided is accurate, there will be absolutely no haggling or negotiating on the price offered. That's a promise. We'll buy any car: any make. any mileage, any condition.

Value your current vehicle

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Why choose to sell your car with Carparison?

  • Hassle free online valuation
  • Commitment to transparent and accurate pricing
  • Competitive first time quotes based on the resale value through our extensive automotive network
  • Settle existing finance contracts early. Applicable only to those that have an ownership option (such as PCP and HP)
  • Receive payment the day after collection, directly into your account
  • Convenient vehicle collection based on your disposal needs
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Can I part exchange my car?

The cost of your lease car is due to the funder of the deal rather than ourselves as the broker. Because of this, we are unable to offer direct part exchange.

In other words, we are unable to deduct the value of your old car from the cost of your new one. 

The funds will need to hit your account first, but thereafter you can spend it however you wish. Including the cost of a car lease deal.

Where applicable, we will work with you so that you receive payment ahead of your initial payment being taken. 

How to sell your car in a few simple steps

Selling your vehicle with Carparison
Selling your vehicle with Carparison

If you would like to know more about how to sell your car, you can find more information in our FAQs.