The best car leasing deals in May 2022

Leasing is becoming an increasingly popular way for motorists to get behind the wheel of their perfect car for an affordable monthly fee. As one of the UK's top leasing companies, we have a host of wonderful personal car leasing and business car leasing deals available. 

Leasing really is the best way to get that brand new car you've been dreaming of.

Whether you are looking for a petrol, diesel, or electric car, from Mercedes-Benz saloons to Vauxhall hatchbacks to BMW SUVs. Carparison has options and lease contracts to suit every budget. If you are looking for the best car lease deals, you are in the right place.

You can even check out our page dedicated to all our top offers and also the best electric car lease deals if this is your preferred mode of transport.

Our extensive range of cars are available at the best possible prices. Plus, you can personalise your package: select your lease term, initial payment, annual mileage, and whether you would like to include a maintenance package. But hurry… these car leasing deals are only available while stocks last, so they won’t last forever!

We have chosen our best car lease deals for May.

Our top lease deals are considered for availability, versatility, and, of course, price. Take advantage of these special offers and browse our top 10 May lease deals today!

BMW X1 lease deals

BMW X1: 6-week delivery

The smallest SUV in the German giant’s enviable line-up, the latest iteration of the BMW X1 has more real-world usability than ever before.

Though it’s lost a little of the technical distinction that previously set it apart from the pack, the new front-drive/4WD platform (the same as the MINI Countryman) gives it extra space inside for both people and baggage.

Showing off rivals like the Volvo XC40 and the Mercedes-Benz GLA, the BMW X1 is very good. Featuring nifty technical details like the heads-up display, BMW’s brilliant infotainment system, and a whole host of engines, it’s a fantastic choice for a premium compact SUV.

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Fiat 500 lease deals

Fiat 500: 4-week delivery

We’ll be honest, it’s not everyone’s cuppa. But if you love it, you’ll really love the updated Fiat 500.

Bigger than before, with a new interior, chassis, and platform, it’s got the fantastic retro look of all the 500’s that have come before, but with a fun drive and a much more practical cabin. And a little extra practicality goes a long way in such a small car.

Opt for the 500C cabriolet version, and you’ll be able to roll the fabric roof right back. With the wind in your hair and sun on your face, there’s no better way to sample some of the best drives the UK has to offer. Or to drive to work.

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Ford Focus lease deals

Ford Focus: 4-week delivery

Reliable, consistent, spacious: despite the rise of the compact crossover, the Ford Focus still reigns supreme in the family hatchback category.

With little frills, little fuss, but still a great ride (especially in hot hatch guise), it ticks all the boxes and then some. The rear is roomy, thanks to its longer wheelbase, and the boot clocks in at 375L. Not a prize winner, but more than enough for day-to-day life.

The Focus is crammed full of plenty of driver aids, and the large infotainment system houses everything you need on the go, including navigation, smartphone connectivity, and climate controls. For your next family car, it’s a fantastic choice.

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class hatchback lease deals

Mercedes-Benz A-Class: 6-week delivery

The smallest Mercedes on the market, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is a fantastic premium hatchback.

It features all the usual driver aid suspects, including active lane-keeping assist and autonomous emergency braking, but it also comes complete with Mercedes’ market-leading MBUX ‘glass cockpit’. It replaces the conventional dials on the dash with configurable screens, while the voice activation system allows for hands-free use on the go.

Alongside all the tech, the A-Class hatch is also practical, with a boot big enough for the weekly shop and enough space in the back for three adults if they don’t mind getting a bit cosy.

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Vauxhall Mokka lease deals

Vauxhall Mokka: 4-week delivery

In a crowded compact crossover market, the Vauxhall Mokka manages to plant itself head and shoulders (roof and windows?) above the competition.

It’s fantastic at all the everyday life bits: spacious enough for five adults, boot big enough for a couple suitcases or the family dog, and a comfortable ride. But it does it all in a striking package, with a range of jewel-toned colours, and plenty of engine choices.

Whether you opt for the petrol, the turbodiesel, or even the fully electric Mokka-e, it’s an excellent choice for a solid family run-around.

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Peugeot 3008 lease deals

Peugeot 3008: in stock

Peugeot have knocked it out of the park with the 3008, creating a desirable rival to the established Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Tiguan.

Featuring striking looks and an aggressive grille, the Peugeot 3008 is a superb place to pass time, whether you’re whizzing across town or running up and down the motorway. The steering wheel is a little on the small side, but the digital dials mean less faffing in sub-menus, and the large infotainment screen is easy to read for use on the go.

With plenty of space for five adults and a sizeable boot, the 3008 should be on your shortlist for your next SUV lease.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon lease deals

Mercedes-Benz E-Class: in stock

Bigger than the C-Class, more affordable than the S-Class – the Mercedes-Benz E-Class saloon could be the answer to all your premium big car needs.

Mercedes knows how to do luxury on a mammoth scale – they’ve been doing it for years, and have got it down to a fine art. And the E-Class saloon is dignified, like putting a stately home on wheels. It’s refinement at its best, with soft-touch materials, superb engines, and comfy seating.

But it’s also subtle and doesn’t draw a lot of attention as it slides down the street. For the space, the luxury finish, and the drive, it’s an excellent choice for your next Mercedes lease.

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Volkswagen T-Cross lease deals

Volkswagen T-Cross: in stock

A small, beefy-looking crossover SUV, the Volkswagen T-Cross brings a sense of style to the growing class.

Small SUVs are becoming increasingly popular, and VW have designed the T-Cross to appeal to those who want the rugged SUV but without the large size. There are a multitude of trims and colours to pick from, and plenty of driver aids to keep you safe on the move.

With a raised driving position, plenty of space for a small family, and a compact size that’ll make city living a breeze, it should be top of the list for your next Volkswagen lease.

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BMW 3 Series lease deals

BMW 3 Series Touring: in stock

If the BMW 3 Series Touring landed in the story of Goldilocks, this would be the car that’s just right.

Big enough for daily family life with a clean, modern design, it’s packed with enough kit to keep everyone safe, entertained, and connected. Car karaoke? Navigation? Fielding the arguments about temperature? Not a problem with BMW’s infotainment system. There’s not much more you could ask from it.

With a spacious interior and comfortable drive, it makes for a fantastic family lease.

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Mercedes-Benz GLC lease deals

Mercedes-Benz GLC: in stock

An upmarket family SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLC wins top marks for styling, practicality, and overall enjoyability.

And with a luxurious interior and space for the whole family (plus the dog, several suitcases, and even a set of golf clubs), the GLC doesn’t scrimp on practicality or experience.

With little to dislike, the GLC should be high on your shortlist for your next Mercedes lease.

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Best car lease deals this May

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