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Polestar 4 Personal Lease Deals

Wanting to lease a Polestar 4? The – you guessed it – fourth car to come from the renowned electric brand Polestar, the Polestar 4 is a thing of beauty.

It is categorised as an SUV, but in terms of looks, it’s more like an oversized hatchback. And that’s no bad thing.

If you’re a fan of the SUV space but not the chunky, off-road inspired look, then the Polestar 4 could be the car for you. And with a range of around 350 miles, this is a car that can go the distance.

If you’ve got any questions about a Polestar 4 lease, get in touch with our leasing experts.

And if you’re after an electric SUV without the SUV look for your next company car, we also offer the Polestar 4 on business contract hire.


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