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A small city car is the ideal alternative for anyone looking to buck the SUV trend. 

There are so many things to love about driving an SUV that sometimes it’s easy to overlook the benefits of a smaller lease car.

But no matter what kind of driver you are – whether you’re new or experienced, whether you’re a town mouse or a country mouse – the city car continues to be a popular car leasing option for many of us.

And with tech advancing, innovative new designs and better fuel economy than ever, you can be sure that bigger no longer means better. What could be better than a pint-sized car that doesn’t break the bank and puts the fun back into driving?

And if low-cost is a deal breaker for you, check out these cheap car leasing deals (with small cars taking a large chunk of the line-up).

But want our recommendations? We’ve rounded up our current favourites for you.

The best small cars for every day driving

  1. Fiat 500
  2. Hyundai i10
  3. Honda e
  4. MINI hatchback
  5. Kia Picanto
  6. Smart Fortwo

Fiat 500

Eye-catching, compact and with that unmistakable retro flair, there’s a lot to love about the Fiat 500 – so it had to be first on our list.

Fiat themselves call it the “iconic Italian city car,” and you can see how the 3-door 500 has inspired the six other variants currently on sale, including the new Fiat 600.

The original 500 is available as an EV or hybrid option, but the fine Italian styling remains constant no matter which version you go for. It’s a small car that makes a big statement.

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Hyundai i10

Small but practical, the Hyundai i10 still manages to pack in five seats, five doors and plenty of luggage room in the boot – not bad for a car this size.

Now coming in three different trims – the Advance, Premium, and N Line – the i10 has more to choose from than ever, along with a refreshed design and all the connectivity you’d expect from a more expensive model.

It’s a really good little car that’s well suited to squeezing into tiny parking spaces in town, or zooming down country lanes.

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Honda e

Honda e

Don’t get us started on the Honda e (or at least, don’t ask our Beth who will wax lyrical about it for a good hour or so).

The Honda e is the small vehicle solution for anyone looking for an electric car lease. The lounge-style seating offers remarkable comfort levels, while the exterior design focuses on simplicity with a sprinkling of quirk that keeps things interesting.

It’s certainly a car you notice – which says a lot for the size of it. 

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MINI Hatch

The original Mini is a classic, and the new MINI has all of its aesthetic, with a bit more leg room (and, let’s be honest, a better safety record).

It may not be strictly miniature anymore, but it’s still a cracking little car that we love to see on the road. The interior has had an upgrade in recent years and offers some great tech, while keeping to the sporty styling MINI is known for.

Available as a three or five door version, the MINI hatch comes in three trims (Classic, Sport, and Exclusive). Simple to get your head around, but still providing plenty of variation to suit your needs.

So, if you want something classic, sporty and stylish that you can park with ease, the MINI hatch is an excellent choice.

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Kia Picanto

The Picanto is one of those underrated family favourites we don’t talk enough about. It’s economical, drives well and depending on the spec level you go for, can look really quite good on the road.

If you’re looking for a runaround car without all the fuss and frills, the entry-level option will do you well. But there are various mod cons available as you run up the line up and for relatively low cost.

A sensible bargain for anyone looking for something on the smaller side.

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Smart EQ ForTwo coupe

We’ve left it for last, but don’t underestimate the popularity of the Smart lineup; what the Fortwo lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in personality.

Available as either a coupe or a cabrio, this two-seater is the optimum car for city life. It’s a quirky choice, with a phenomenal turning circle. And you know you’ll never have any trouble getting into a parking space.

If you’re after a small car, you literally cannot get any smaller than this.

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Small car supremacy

Whether you're a city slicker, or just looking for something on the smaller side to keep you cruising through those country lanes, these bite-sized cars are a great place to start looking for your next lease deal.