For those looking to combine their motoring outlay into one monthly fee, adding a maintenance package onto your lease agreement is a great option to consider. A maintenance contract covers servicing, MOT and routine wear and tear items; giving you both peace of mind and cost savings over the agreed term.

You can take out a maintenance package at any point in your lease term. However, you will be expected to pay for any missing months of cover. Therefore the greatest benefits are gained when your maintenance package is arranged prior to delivery and is maintained throughout your car lease. This will not only spread the cost but will help maintain the car's warranty, will maximise your enjoyment of the car and will ensure it always runs at its most efficient (therefore reducing running costs).

Key benefits of a maintenance package

Make indefinite and unpredictable car maintenance costs a thing of the past by opting for a lease maintenance package. The monthly cost is set at the start of your contract based on your chosen car and mileage limit.

All of our lease providers offer maintenance packages to accompany each car and they include:

  • All manufacturer’s scheduled servicing
  • Perishable items due to fair wear and tear (including batteries, exhausts, wiper blades, cam belts)
  • Comprehensive breakdown and roadside assistance cover (dependent on finance provider)
  • MOT tests (if applicable)
  • Tyre repair or replacement (dependent on finance provider)
  • Car collection and delivery (subject to availability)
  • Complimentary wash and vacuum (dependent on finance provider)
  • All work will be completed by vetted and qualified technicians at an accredited garage or franchise dealer.

What a maintenance package doesn’t cover.

There are of course also exclusions to what your maintenance package will cover. These are:

  • Repairs or replacements due to driver error or fault. Plus any damage as a result of collision.
  • Repairs or replacements due to abuse, neglect or vandalism.
  • Incorrect or inadequate fuelling, lubricant or other fluid top ups between service intervals.
  • Missing or damaged items or components.
  • Repairs or replacements under an insurance claim or where fraud is suspected.

If you exceed your annual mileage you will be liable for an excess mileage charge. This will be charged per mile that you have exceeded your limit and the figure will be clear on your contract documentation.

How do I pay for a car lease maintenance package?

The payments for your maintenance package will be structured in the same way that your main car lease is. The total cost will be divided into a monthly fee and this will be subject to the same profile you have chosen for your lease.

For example, if your car lease is on a 9 + 35 term, you will be expected to pay 9 payments upfront followed by 35 further monthly payments for your maintenance package. These payments will be taken as a part of your lease and will be incorporated into your total monthly quote and breakdown.

If you have chosen to start your maintenance package after the delivery of your lease car you will be required to cover the months of cover missed. In most cases this is expected as an initial payment. 

Making use of your maintenance package

When your car requires a service, MOT or other applicable work it is simply a case of contacting the package provider who will assist you in booking the work through one of their approved repairers. 

The information required to book your car in for maintenance will be provided in your finance application. However, if you need any assistance please contact our customer service team on 01395 200 333.

A maintenance package allows you to incorporate the costs of maintaining your car into your monthly lease payment. It gives added reassurance, on top of the standard manufacturer warranty that accompanies your lease, that your car will be working in optimum condition without pulling on those precious purse strings. 

If you are interested in a maintenance package, or would like to be quoted for one based on your chosen lease car, please contact us.