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Top 10 'Instagrammed' roads around the UK revealed

Get your gram on: Study confirms these are some of the UK’s most snapped coastlines, mountain ranges and valleys

Abarth compiled a selection of popular driving routes around the UK based on beautiful scenery.

They analysed the number of hashtags that photos taken on each specific driving route had on Instagram and ranked some of the best.

We’ve taken a closer look at the top 10 driving routes in the UK and Ireland to see what’s so special about each of them and asked local businesses for some insider recommendations.

If you're picking up a new car lease soon, be sure to shortlist some of these for your next big road trip adventure!

10. Horseshoe Pass - 9,922 hashtags

Known for the wonderful views of the North Wales countryside, the Horseshoe Pass is mesmerising. There are plenty of spots to stop and take in the views. Plus the scenic route is quiet and atmospheric, perfect for a walk or a picnic.

The route is about four miles, and its name comes from the horseshoe shape it forms around the sides of the valley.

Since it’s only a short route, why not visit the nearby town of Llangollen for a bit of sightseeing? The Horseshoe Pass seems well worth a visit. 

Bealach na Ba

9.    Bealach na Bà (Pass of the Cattle) - 10,499 hashtags

Translating to the Pass of the Cattle, Bealach na Bà is a curvy single-track mountainous road in the Applecross peninsula of Scotland. Make your way around the hairpin bends and witness the jaw-dropping scenery.

If you fancy a bite to eat, visit the Kishorn Seafood Bar for a meal and enjoy some fresh seafood. Overlooking the Applecross peninsula, the restaurant is a lovely spot but it’s worth booking ahead to avoid disappointment. 

When speaking to the owner, Lucy Kerr, she described Bealach na Bà as "a truly awe-inspiring part of the world to visit". With the area being home to some of the most famous Munroe peaks, she raved about the ability to “drive through dramatic valleys carved out by glaciers with meandering rivers racing through the glens”. 

Sounds delightful!

Hardknott Pass

8. Hardknott Pass - 10,699 hashtags

Situated in the Lake District National Park, the views from the Hardknott Pass are unreal. The Hardknott Pass is a single track road and is so narrow that an encounter with another car can be scary, making any drive a real experience. 

If you’re interested in visiting historical sites, just off the pass is some parking to visit the Hardknott Roman Fort, which has survived well and includes a headquarters building, commandant’s house and a bath house.

It would be best to avoid tackling the pass when it’s dark and rainy as driving can become very difficult. The road can also close in winter when there’s ice and snow.

Peak District Landscape

7. Cat & Fiddle - 11,597 hashtags

Considered one of the most challenging and dangerous driving routes in the UK, the Cat & Fiddle road has been nicknamed, 'The widow maker' and has a gradually increasing death toll due to its sharp bends and steep drops. As long as you stay focused, it can be an enjoyable drive.

It is also a route known for its scenic views across the Greater Manchester area. It was named after a remote coaching inn, The Cat & Fiddle, built in 1813 which is now a bar and distillery. Pop over for a tour and tasting and enjoy “views stretching across the Peak District, seven counties…and even a distant sea view”.

If you do plan on a boozy night out, remember to book some accommodation in one of the nearby towns!

Snake Pass, Peak District

6. Snake Pass - 17,752 hashtags

Located in the North of England, between Manchester and Sheffield, the Snake Pass is a mountain pass that’s worth visiting. At 512 metres above sea level, the area is full of natural beauty. The twisty road is incredibly tricky to drive, so it’s considered a dangerous one.

The Pass was named after the Snake Inn, which is still open today and is one of the few buildings on the road. 

You’ll need to research and plan when you want to go. The Snake Pass is often closed during the winter due to icy roads or uncleared snow.

Elan Valley dam

5. Elan Valley - 53,204 hashtags

In the heart of the land of dragons, the Elan Valley is a picturesque spot full of lakes, dams, reservoirs, and countryside. Plenty to explore, staying occupied in the Elan Valley is easy with opportunities for walking, cycling, birdwatching and wildlife discovery. 

Swing by the Elan Valley visitor centre for a coffee at the cafe or a mooch around the gift shop. When speaking to them they recommended that you:

“Take a tour of the inside of Pen y Garreg dam and climb the central tower to be rewarded with spectacular views…Elan Valley Estate has achieved International Dark Sky Park status and offers some incredible star gazing opportunities”. 

Sounds like you’d be spoilt for choice when it comes to a photo-op.

Cheddar Gorge road

4. Cheddar Gorge - 84,162 hashtags

The easiest way to see the beauty of the Cheddar Gorge is to drive through it. This driving route incorporates the Cheddar Gorge, so you can imagine how stunning the scenery is. 

Full of tight and twisty roads, you get an amazing view of the towering limestone rock faces. The gorge is home to plenty of plants and wildlife, so you could spot a range of birds and free-roaming goats.

Make sure to stop off in the village of Cheddar and try some locally produced cheese. Priding itself on being the true home of cheddar cheese, you can visit the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company and do free cheese tasting.

Who wouldn’t want to drive through England’s deepest natural canyon (and enjoy free cheese)?

Kyesku Bridge, Scotland

3. North Coast 500 - 141,529 hashtags

Scotland’s ultimate road trip, the North Coast 500 (NC500), starts in the northern city of Inverness and winds along to the west coast to Applecross, then up towards some of the most northerly coastal points of Scotland.

You then head down south again to make a loop back to Inverness. 

If you’re after coastal scenery, white sandy beaches and a wealth of hidden gems, you’ll want to go on this road trip. When speaking to the Kishorn Seafood Bar’s owner, Lucy, she recommended visiting Coral beach in Culduie and Cuaig beach in Cuaig.

Whether you’re interested in an action-packed road trip or a relaxing exploration of the NC500, strap yourself in and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

2. Ring of Kerry - 222,293 hashtags

Another one of Ireland’s most-popular drives, the Ring of Kerry consists of some of the most beautiful parts of Ireland. You’ll navigate the beaten track and find amazing views around every turn. 

Much like the Wild Atlantic Way, you’ll come across the lush green landscapes, ancient sites and stunning islands. One of the top attractions of the Ring of Kerry is the Killarney National Park which consists of rugged mountains, famous lakes, woodlands and waterfalls.

Discover the innate beauty of the Ring of Kerry.

Malin's Head Cliffs in Ireland

 1. Wild Atlantic Way - 1,270,313 hashtags

Defined as the longest coastal driving route, discover the breathtaking Wild Atlantic Way and take on an Irish journey of a lifetime. There's adventure around every corner and the spectacular coastline will wow you with its spellbinding bays and wild landscapes.

Being 1,600 miles long, there's plenty to see and do along the way. If you’re a foodie, you can get fresh-off-the boat seafood on a pit-stop or if you’re into history, visit some enchanting villages and ancient monuments nestled along the coast.

A mystical adventure awaits you around every bend on this pretty coastline.

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