SMMT data shows 40% spike in hybrid electric car registrations in January 2023

New figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has revealed there was a 40% increase in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) registrations in January 2023 compared to January 2022.

As per the SMMT’s vehicle data registrations, 18,976 HEVs were registered in January this year.

These figures mark quite the rise from January 2022, where only 13,492 vehicles were registered, with the 2023 figures accounting for the largest percentage swing of any vehicle type.

Only petrol-powered vehicles saw a bigger increase in volume, with an additional 7,505 vehicles registered in 2023 – though this only accounted for a 14.6% change from the previous January.

This comes as there were over 12% fewer diesel vehicles registered in January 2023, while nearly 20% more battery electric vehicles (BEVs) hit our roads.

With a reported market share of 14.4%, HEVs were the second biggest vehicle type – rising from fourth in January 2022.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid 2022

What does this mean for hybrids? 

While the long-term ambition remains for drivers to transition to BEVs ahead of the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles, this can still be viewed as a positive step towards more sustainable driving.

The sale of new hybrid cars are also due to be outlawed in 2035, as part of the current 2030 ban proposal.

However, in a constantly evolving market, HEVs can still offer fantastic value for money for those looking for cheap car leasing solutions that allows them to be a little more eco-conscious in their everyday driving decisions.

In many respects, HEVs are similar to the petrol and diesel cars we have become so accustomed to but come with an additional small electric battery that supplements the combustion engine.

Not designed to offer a range for substantial long distances, they're best utilised for short bursts of electric power to increase fuel efficiency or allow for shorter journeys to be completed on electric power alone.

A steady introduction into the world of all things electric

It’s understandable that some might have apprehensions about moving straight out of a petrol-powered car and lease a car that is fully electric.

Some might not have the convenience to charge at home or feel knowledge enough about EVs. It’s a whole new world with so much detail to digest, but with a hybrid you can enjoy some of those same benefits without fully making the switch.

The combination of a battery pack and combustion engine allows for greater fuel efficiency and, as a result, lower running costs.

Not designed to be run on full electric power, there is no chance of range anxiety. You have the combustion engine there as a back-up. As a self-charging hybrid, there is also no need to plug in a HEV to charge.

Your car recoups its energy through regenerative braking. Without the need to plug in, there is no reliance on the public charging infrastructure, and it’s a viable alternative for those without the ability to charge at home.

While plug-in hybrids have become an increasingly prevalent option on our roads, there are several enticing self-charging options available.

Toyota have emerged as one of the market's leading manufacturers in the hybrid electric vehicle class. The Toyota Yaris is a frugal, family-friendly hatchback, with a claimed combined fuel economy of up to 68.8mpg.

For those requiring something a little bigger to meet the demands of everyday life, the Kia Sportage stands out as an excellent hybrid SUV option.

In a world where the EV market is constantly evolving and developing with new manufacturers promising exciting new additions to the sector, hybrid electric vehicles could still be utilised as a valuable and cost-effective stepping stone as we prepare for a fully electrified future. 

What are the benefits of driving a hybrid electric car? 

  • Lower running costs
  • Greater fuel efficiency
  • No range anxiety
  • Designs that feel very ‘familiar’ to combustion engine cars
  • No need to plug in and charge

Take steps towards sustainable driving with a hybrid car lease

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