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Ryan Darby

Ryan Darby

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Guess these famous car manufacturers

Using emojis to interpret them, we have hidden the names of car manufacturers, can you guess all 10 of them?

To help figure out the missing names, use the emojis listed as clues. They might signify a potential sound or spelling, but they could also be used in a more literal sense to help point you in the right direction. 

Let's start with an example to get you warmed up. 

? (Paw)  ? (Ssh)

That would of course be, Porsche.

You get the drift! 

Now see how many you can get from the 10 car manufacturers listed below.

Before you scroll too far, the answers are at the bottom of the page. No cheating!

Without further ado..


1) ? ⬇️ ?️

2) ? ?️

3) ?‍♀️  ?

4) ?️  ?

5) ? ?

6) ?

7) ? ? ?

8) ?‍? ? ?‍?

9) ?

10) ? ?️


A very well done to you if you managed to guess all of the 10 different manufacturers.

Commiserations if you were unable to answer all 10, we wish you better luck next time!

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Do you know of any other car manufacturers that can be depicted through emojis that we might have missed? Get in touch with us on social media to let us know. 

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