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Carparison launches new fleet management service: Corparison

Carparison Leasing are delighted to announce its expansion with the launch of Corparison, an all-encompassing fleet management service that’ll put your fleet in the driving seat

In response to a growing demand for effective and efficient fleet management, Corparison can offer a range of well-rounded fleet management services and business mobility solutions to take the complications out of day-to-day operations.

Corparison is powered by Carparison’s award-winning team, who aim to support businesses small and large in their fleet monitoring, maintenance, compliance and electric transitioning.

The local business team

General Manager, Matt Woodward commented, “Corparison sees the next level of evolution in the Carparison Group of companies and provides our rapidly growing direct fleet customers with interactive tools and dedicated consultation team aimed at streamlining all aspects of cost and efficiencies in their fleet”. 

Corparison’s extensive support network includes partnerships with industry-leading experts and providers to find the perfect solution for every business. Fleet managers will have access to market-leading fleet management software to make the running of their commercial vehicles as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Carparison's business hub

The launch of Corparison coincides with the opening of Carparison’s dedicated business hub, designed to support the local business community with all their automotive and sustainability needs. With services ranging from procurement to funding, and even vehicle demonstrations, their Local Business team can provide you with it all.

If you’re searching for a bespoke fleet solutions service, visit or get in touch at 01395 202245

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