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Aimee – our fantastic (and very talented) Graphic Designer and Data Assistant – has had quite the journey throughout her career so far.

Starting off as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at an IT company, she joined Carparison two years ago as a Digital Marketing Assistant, and her talent for graphic design was quickly realised.

After completing formal Adobe training, Aimee officially became Carparison’s Graphic Designer last year, and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Alongside her day-to-day work, she’s now learning the art of animation – watch this space!

What did you do before Carparison?

I started out by going to an agency and mentioning that I wanted to do graphic design, but at the time they told me I’d have to move to London or Bristol. So instead, I went to Exeter College to do a digital marketing apprenticeship.

I ended up interviewing at several different places, but most of them wanted you to have experience. Luckily, I eventually found an apprenticeship with an IT company – the interview was a lot more informal, and I felt comfortable there.

What did you do during your apprenticeship?

All sorts of bits and pieces.

I had to do a lot of coding with Code Academy. I didn’t enjoy the web development side as much, but then we got onto the ‘seven P’s of marketing’, and I started learning all about the nitty gritty bits, like channels and audience demographics and how to market. I really enjoyed that side of it.

I learnt a lot about how to market and who to market to, and often posted on the company’s social media. My manager also taught me the basics of Illustrator, which is where I first got to grips with Adobe.

What was your first role at Carparison?

Digital Marketing Assistant was my first role.

Like with my apprenticeship, I was doing all sorts of things. GDPR, lots of data, and website admin. It was a lot more generalised than my job is now because the team was a lot smaller.

And then, for blog posts, we needed little icons, so I gave them a go because I already had some Illustrator experience and I like art. So, I started designing these icons to go in carousels – and everyone loved them, which means more icons and design bits came in my direction.

Our Head of Marketing, Sarah, is very good at picking out your strengths and pushing you in that direction.

I then had some formal training with an Adobe course that taught me all about Photoshop and InDesign as well as Illustrator. Once that was over, my job title changed and I officially became the Graphic Designer and Data Assistant.

For Carparison to push me in that direction, knowing that it was what I wanted to do, was amazing.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Carparison?

It’s a very, very supportive environment.

I’ve had several title changes, and I’ve only been here just over two years. It is a fast-paced company, but it’s fast-paced in a way that lets you grow.

And it’s given me the job I’ve always wanted – to be a Graphic Designer.

Carparison and the senior management team are very good at channelling what people want and giving you the space to grow without throwing you off a cliff.

They’re always looking to help you develop your skills and help you grow.

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