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This new-look 4 Series divides opinions with its design, but how well does it drive?

BMW have tried to bring one of their classic designs into the 21st century with their bold kidney grille, and its addition has defined the latest 4 Series since its launch.

It has become the ultimate marmite design – some love it and others detest it. But, what about the rest of the car?

In this latest Carparison review, we’re spending time in the BMW 420i M Sport Coupe, testing out its comfort levels, practicality and most importantly, how it drives.

4 Series parked under tree


Engine dependent, prices can start from £40,465 for the M Sport models and range up to £45,600, meanwhile Pro Edition variants can cost up to £49,485.

If you choose the range-topping M440d xDrive option, prices can begin at £54,330. If your budget allows and you’re searching for even more performance, you could consider the M4 Competition Coupe, where prices start at £76,115.

There is very little to separate entry-level models from some of its rivals when it comes to cost, with the Audi A5 Coupe and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe starting from roughly £39,000 and £40,100 respectively.

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4 Series rear

Engine Choices

Depending on your trim level, you can enjoy the 4 Series Coupe with Mild Hybrid Technology, which comes included with various petrol and diesel engines within the lineup. This includes an 8kW motor that restores lost energy and improves the car's fuel economy. 

All models come with Sport Automatic Transmission and manual Gearshift Paddles, but there is no fully manual transmission option. 

M Sport & M Sport Pro Edition


420i M Sport Coupe – from £40,465 - 184hp – (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)

420i M Sport Pro Edition Coupe - from £45,600 – 184hp (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)

430i M Sport Coupe - from £44,720 – 258hp (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)

430i M Sport Pro Edition Coupe - from £49,220 – 258hp - (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)


420d xDrive M Sport Coupe -from £44,645 – 190hp (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)

420d M Sport Coupe - from £43,095 – 190hp (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)

420d xDrive M Sport Pro Edition Coupe - from £49,485 – 190hp (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)

420d M Sport Pro Edition Coupe - from £47,895 – 190hp (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)

'M' Models


M440i xDrive Coupe - from £54,670 – 374hp (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)


M440d xDrive Coupe - from £54,330 – 340hp (Sport Automatic Transmission with Gearshift Paddles)

4 Series Coupe


After test driving the 2 Series Gran Coupe only a few days prior, we had high expectations for the 4 Series and we weren’t disappointed.

A choice of driving modes allows you to choose from Eco, Comfort and Sport. No matter which driving mode you select, the acceleration is powerful, and it doesn’t take long to get up to speed. 

We've seen the 4 Series' suspension described as firm, and it is, but it rode the bumps well on our test drive and you cannot question the comfort levels. The car works up through the gears effortlessly, with changes almost indistinguishable and the noise levels are pleasantly minimal. 

As we have come to expect from BMW, the steering was agile and nimble, with the car gripping the road brilliantly. The driving position is low and sporty, while still maintaining incredible visibility in a car that, in all honesty, feels effortless to drive. 

Despite what many might expect, this doesn't feel like a car that should be pushed to the limits. If that is what you're looking for, we'd recommend the range-topping M440i xDrive engine. 

It's quite simply a lovely place to be and that reflects in the drive. You don’t want to be speeding along in it but rather making the most of the exceptional levels of luxury.

4 Series Grille

Design & Interior

There is only one place to start when it comes to the 4 Series and that is the front grille...

BMW claim they've tried to rejuvenate one of their most classic designs, but it has instead caused controversy. 

Compared to previous 4 Series models, BMW have ditched the traditional long and thin grille. While it is different, it is not completely unusual and has drawn similarities to what you might see on an Audi.

Despite the mixed opinions, it is a design that dates back to some of their most famous models of yesteryear, including the BMW 328. 

If we’re being honest, it’s not that bad. In fact, we think it’s growing on us, and it certainly makes for a front end with incredible road presence. Even if it does take a bit of time to get used to it, you quickly look past it once you take in the rest of the vehicle's quality build. 

This might be controversial, but I don't think it's as good looking as the sporty 2 Series Gran Coupe we reviewed recently (queue the gasps of many, I’m sure). Though I would argue that it has more charm and character than the rival Audi A5 Coupe.

4 Series Interior

There's more to the 4 Series than just the grille, however. It is hugely muscular and angular in its design, with a roof that slopes down quite suddenly at the rear. You instantly get a sense of the road presence with an almost shark-like face.

The interior is beautifully plush, resembling that of its more expensive sibling, the BMW 8 Series.

Our vehicle came with the contemporary ‘Oyster with Grey’ Vernasca leather, which contrasted sharply with the dashboard and created a cabin that feels hugely premium.

The infotainment system is very much driver-orientated and everything you need is well within reach. As we have come to expect from BMW, it’s built with driver enjoyment in mind, and the steering wheel is satisfyingly chunky, bound in soft-touch leather, reflecting the first-class quality levels that run throughout the cabin.

4 Series Cabin


If you've previously driven any BMW cars, you won’t be surprised to learn that the technology available in the 4 Series was typically brilliant.

The touchscreen was responsive, and the navigation system is one of the best in its class. Our model came with easy-to-use Gesture Control (via the optional Technology Pack), while there was also a good combination of hard buttons and easy to reach shortcuts too. 

The Gesture Control was a nice addition that gives you the opportunity to use specific hand gestures to do things like adjust your volume. It is a helpful feature to have once you get used to the exact motions you need to use, though we understand some may find this fiddly. 

It feels like BMW have got something for every driver with their infotainment systems.


The Harman/Kardon sound system (via the Technology Pack) sounds excellent and is well worth the upgrade if you're someone who is into their tech.

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto coming as standard, as well as apps like Spotify, the tech on offer is generous - even if you do have to make use of some optional extras.

As standard, all models get features such as BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant, Real Time Traffic Information and Remote 3D View among others.

Meanwhile, the Wireless Charging pad (also via the Technology Pack) can be cleverly hidden away if you don’t want to have your valuables on show.

Not having electric seats as standard is a shame. It took us by surprise, but you can rectify this by adding on the additional Comfort Plus Pack. If you would like to add these to your next car lease deal without making the monthly payments unaffordable, why not ask one of our experts.

4 Series Coupe Rear Seats

Space and Practicality 

As can often be the case with this class, getting in and out of the 4 Series isn't always the most gracious of acts - footage of which can be seen on our YouTube channel. Thankfully, the door openings are huge, which helps tackle the limitations that come with the sloping roof.

In terms of rear headspace, I found it just about manageable (at 5'8'') with generous legroom and brilliant comfort levels. For taller passengers at six foot or higher, you may not find it as comfortable on anything other than short journeys. Those in the front will find it the epitome of comfort though. So maybe just put those you don’t like in the back!

There is a competitive amount of storage potential throughout the cabin.

Its door bins are reasonable, with two cup holders in the front. The glovebox is small, but along with a good-sized box by the steering wheel for your keys, it is lined with felt to limit any rustling while on the move.

Storage in the centre-console is limited to a couple of cupholders and the Wireless Charging pad for your mobile phone, while there is also a competitive amount of space in the armrest too.

The boot space is also competitive at 440L, which is a touch smaller than the A5 Coupe (450L) but more than the Mercedes C-Class Coupes (up to 400L). 

If you include the Comfort Plus Pack, you can have an Electric Tailgate and Additional Storage Compartments in the boot. 

M badge and flashing lights

Model Lines and Equipment

BMW 420i M Sport Coupe M Sport

  • 18" M light-alloy wheels
  • M rear spoiler
  • Folding mirrors
  • Parking Assistant
  • BMW Live Cockpit Professional
  • Vernasca leather upholstery
  • Ambient interior lighting
  • Acoustic windscreen
  • Three-zone automatic air conditioning
  • Front seat heating

BMW 420i M Sport Pro Edition Coupe M Sport Pro Edition

  • 19" Bicolour Double-spoke M light-alloy wheels
  • Unique BMW Individual paintwork (Dravit Grey or Tanzanite Blue)
  • Exclusive Aluminium Fabric High-gloss interior trim
  • BMW High-gloss Shadow Line with extended contents
  • Sun protection glass
  • Sprint mode
  • Enhanced active sound design
  • Adaptive M suspension
  • M Sport brakes (420i and 420d models)
  • M Sport differential (430i model)

BMW M440i xDrive Coupe Performance

  • 19" M light alloy Double-spoke style 792 M wheels, Bicolour Cerium Grey with run-flat tyres
  • Metallic paintwork
  • Free form exhaust tailpipe finishers
  • M seat belts
  • Sun protection glass
  • BMW TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line petrol engine
  • 48V Mild Hybrid Technology
  • M Sport braking system, High-gloss Red
  • M Sport differential
  • Adaptive M suspension
Man stood next to bmw 4 series


The 4 Series Coupe is a car that you won’t tire of driving. It is so refined and luxurious in the way it has been designed, it feels so effortless to drive. 

Even the most mundane journeys will put a smile on your face with this brilliant coupe.

If you’re searching for your next car lease and want a refined, comfortable and luxurious driving experience, look no further than this elegant Coupe.

To really get the best of it, you may need to consider adding on some of the many additional packs that are available, but we do think they'll enhance your experience, making being behind the wheel of a 4 Series Coupe even more enjoyable. 

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