e-2008 review
Ryan Darby

Ryan Darby

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This devilishly handsome Peugeot is a triple threat; good-looking, high-tech and emission-free. Can it win the battle of the best compact SUVs?

In this latest Carparison review, we take an in-depth look at the fully electric Peugeot e-2008. We’re talking prices, range, charging times, technology, comfort, and more. 

The e-2008 is a fully electric SUV based on its combustion counterpart, the Peugeot 2008. It’s a compact SUV and the smallest in Peugeot's lineup for this class – a popular option for those considering their next electric car lease and want something smaller than the sizeable 5008

Size-wise, this small SUV competes against the likes of the Nissan Juke, Vauxhall Mokka-e, Hyundai Kona Electric or even the new Ford Puma. It offers a striking design, a futuristic cabin, and most excitingly of all, a completely electric drive. 

Peugeot e-2008 electric vehicle


Shortly after our test drive, Peugeot made some minor changes to the e-2008 range. As a result, the range-topping GT Line trim that we were driving is no longer available. 

However, what was the GT Line is now the range-topping spec 'GT Premium'. The biggest change is the name itself rather than the specifics of the trim, but for the avoidance of any confusion, we wanted to clarify the difference.

Entry-level e-2008 models can start from just over £33,000, which is a small hike in price from even the range-topping 2008, but as we know with electric vehicles, the running costs are significantly lower. 

Below, we have provided a full break down of the OTR prices for the current e-2008 lineup (not including the Plug-In Car Grant from the Government grant).

Active Premium - From £33,230

Allure - From £34,430

Allure Premium - From £34,880

GT - From £37,180

GT Premium - From £39,180

*Prices correct at the time of publication

Peugeot e-2008 electric vehicle behind tree

Electric Range and Charging

Peugeot claim the e-2008 has a claimed range of 206 miles from its 50kW battery and we must admit, it was a good reflection of what we experienced.

At times there were some quite sporadic jumps on the Digital Cockpit's range display, however, over the course of our time behind the wheel, it remained true to form. Of course, it will always vary depending on driving habits, but we found the claimed mileage a good reflection of its capabilities.

The e-2008 is hugely practical if you have access to a 100kW rapid charger, which takes it from 0-80% in just 30 minutes.

If you need to charge it at home, it will take 7.5 hours to charge completely via a 7kW charging point or in 24 hours with a domestic 3kW socket.

Driving the Peugeot e-2008


Being an electric car, you get the instant torque that gives the e-2008 a nice punch of acceleration. Once you get going, the car comes into its element, coasting along nicely at 40mph. At that speed it seemed most comfortable, and you could enjoy what was quite agile steering.

As we got ourselves caught up in some slow-moving traffic, the e-2008 began to feel a little heavy – it gave the impression it wanted to give more power and push on as it adjusted to the slower speeds.

However, being an electric car, it was ever so quiet! Because there's no combustion engine, the tyre noise is a little more profound, but generally, it was a near-silent and relaxing experience - one of the major benefits of driving an EV.

Thanks to its claimed range of just over 200 miles, you can be sure you'll enjoy your everyday commute or the early morning school run in style, with zero CO2 emissions.

e-2008 front grille

Design and Interior

Make no mistake about it, the Peugeot e-2008 looks incredible. Peugeot have really nailed their exterior designs following their last major facelift.

From the front, the e-2008 looks extremely athletic and almost vicious thanks to its wide grille, striking LED headlights and fang-like strips that run beneath them.

The e-2008 is by no means the biggest SUV you'll find on the road today. The roof slopes quite low and once you're behind the wheel, you do sit fairly snug. You don't get the impression that you're in a vehicle of any great size, which can be reassuring for many.

The colour of our e-2008 was Vertigo Blue and it would certainly be the colour of choice for us – it contrasts the black rooftop and wing mirrors brilliantly and enhances its sporty looks.

Compared to rivals like the Juke or the Captur, the e-2008 has plenty of character and charm where some of its rivals can fall short.

Peugeot e-2008 seats and wheel

The good looks continue when you set foot inside the e-2008. You can clearly see the ambition to be sleek and sporty. 

Running throughout the cabin is a carbon effect trim that swoops around you and it's contrasted by lime green stitching which adds a nice pop of colour.

There are lots of gloss black finishes in high-touch areas and while they can be a haven for fingerprint marks, it does add a classy touch that you may expect to find in more expensive alternatives.

The Panoramic Sunroof - which comes as standard on GT Premium models - really lights up the cabin too, providing an airy and welcoming feel.

We wouldn't go as far as saying the comfort levels throughout the cabin are class-leading, but they are pretty competitive, with good levels of lumbar and leg support on offer.

Peugeot e-2008 10-inch touchscreen


Get behind the wheel of a e-2008 and you'll be met with a very impressive level of technology.

Starting with one of Peugeot’s biggest strengths, their 3D Digital Cockpit. It is beautifully crisp and feels supremely modern, displaying a great amount of information. It is housed in a hub above the steering wheel and while it looks fantastic, it does limit the flexibility you have in trying to move the steering wheel to your desired position.

Peugeot e-2008 i-cockpit display

The 10'' touchscreen (Standard from GT) was certainly responsive but a little complicated to use. Unlike some rival systems, there is no traditional home button or a shortcut to simply revert to the main menu. This leaves you jumping between individual sections and it quickly becomes quite fiddly when using it on the move.

Allure trims and above get access to the reversing camera, which was very clear and competes with some of the best compact SUVs on the market.

The piano-style keys that sit below the touchscreen look fantastic and have a satisfying click, but they’re angled in such a way that you can’t always see what the button is. Above those is a row of touch-sensitive ones and together the two don’t quite add up. 

Between them, they all work well and serve a purpose, but from a design perspective, you lose the sense of continuity between the design of the touchscreen and the mixture of hard and touch-sensitive buttons. 

Something that was noticed by myself and other Carparison staff that spent time in the e-2008 was the positioning of the touchscreen and the Start/Stop button. Despite being in what we'd consider our normal driving position, it often felt an inch or two out of reach. 

Perhaps we might just have small arms? 

Peugeot e-2008 boot space with and without seats down

Space and Practicality

To have the steering wheel in a position that is comfortably above my legs, it was then directly in front of the digital driver's display. This meant I needed to stretch up or crouch down a bit to see all the screen. 

In contrast, my colleague Ryan found no issues at all, so it’s a bit of a tricky one to predict. Is there some kind of torso to steering wheel adjustment converter on the web that we don’t know about? No? Okay.

Peugeot e-2008 rear seat space

The leg and headroom in the rear does let the e-2008 down because it is limited, to say the least. Anyone over six foot will struggle in the back, while we wouldn't recommend carrying three adults in the back for journeys of any great distance. 

The Renault Captur offers more versatility with its sliding rear bench, though the e-2008 does have an adjustable boot floor on models across the range.

Notably, despite being an EV, the Peugeot e-2008 doesn’t lose any boot space compared to its petrol or diesel alternatives. In total, there’s a 405-litre capacity with the rear seats up and 1400 litres with the seats down. Generally speaking, storage opportunities throughout the cabin is competitive, without being class-leading. 

Peugeot e-2008 sunroof

Model Lines and Equipment

When it comes to model lines and specifications, the e-2008 comes in five variants. These range from the entry-level ‘Active Premium’ up to the range-topping 'GT Premium'. Some of the key differences are listed below.

*As we mentioned before, the model we were driving was the previous ‘GT Line’ trim, which was the range-topping spec that has since been changed to ‘GT Premium’.

Active Premium

  • 16-inch alloys
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Auto air-con
  • Electric folding door mirrors


  • 17-inch diamond-cut alloys
  • 180-degree reversing camera
  • Tinted rear windows
  • Front armrest
  • 4 x USB ports

Allure Premium

  • 3D i-cockpit
  • Gloss black roof rails with silver exterior detail
  • LED front fog lights with cornering function
  • Active safety brake with night function


  • Full LED headlights with smart beam assist
  • 3D sat nav
  • 10-inch touchscreen
  • Heated front seats
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Front parking sensors

GT Premium

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Alcantara Interior
  • Panoramic glass sunroof
  • Keyless entry
  • Adaptive cruise control
Peugeot e-2008 rear view

Final Verdict

Our experience with the e-2008 was one of mixed emotions. There’s only one place to start; the exterior. The design is so striking and sporty, it is guaranteed to turn heads. Where some of its rivals lack personality, the e-2008 is bursting with character.

The drive was comfortable, quiet and more than powerful enough for the speeds that you'll ever need. We're confident you won't struggle to rack up the miles in this beautiful electric car.

There are more practical and spacious SUVs on the market, we can’t deny that. However, as a family car, or even for someone just looking for something bigger than a traditional hatchback, the e-2008 will add a lot of enjoyment to your everyday drive.

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