Woman stood next to Jeep Renegade

Should you consider a Jeep Renegade when searching for new lease deals? 

The Jeep Renegade is the smallest and most widely driven model in the iconic Jeep line-up. It's quirky and eye-catching, and, unknowing to some, it’s based on the same platform as the Fiat 500X, which gives you an idea of its size... 

Even at entry-level this small SUV has big capabilities, impressive standard features, and useful safety technology. Should you consider a Jeep Renegade lease over something like the Mazda CX-5 or the MINI Countryman? Let’s find out. 

Jeep Renegade parked off-road

DISCLAIMER: Just one week after our drive took place, Jeep have updated the Renegade model lineup. Meaning that the information we had on this model is slightly different. So, contrary to the below, there are now just petrol and hybrid variants available and a smaller model lineup. 

That being said, Carparison still has offers on the 2018-2020 model year Renegade for great low monthly rental costs. You can check out these Jeep Renegade lease deals and carry on reading about what we thought about this (now sadly out of date) model below. 

Renegade illustration

Model Lines and Standard Equipment

The Jeep Renegade's standard equipment list is quite impressive and includes features such as cruise control, a speed limiter, traffic sign recognition, rear parking sensors and lane departure warning. This is all standard on the entry-level Longitude model, some highlight features of which we’ve listed below alongside all of the other model variants…


  • 8.4" Uconnect Dab radio navigation and Bluetooth with Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™
  • 17" Alloy wheels
  • Forward collision warning plus mitigation
  • Dual-zone air conditioning

Night Eagle

  • 18" Aluminum wheels
  • Gloss black exterior details
  • Gloss black interior details
  • Tinted privacy glass


  • Led lighting pack
  • 18" Alloy wheels
  • Front parking sensors and Forward Collision Warning plus mitigation
  • Full leather interior


  • Uconnect 8,4'' DAB radio with Navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • 19" Aluminum wheels
  • Function Pack - Folding mirrors keyless entry and convenience
  • Granite Crystal Accents


  • Selec–Terrain™ with Rock Mode and Active Drive Low with Hill Descent Control
  • Skid plates protect engine, suspension, fuel tank
  • Off-Road specific bumpers, Black Hood Decal
  • Specific seats with Trailhawk logo

*Prices and model lines correct at the time of publication

Longitude wheels

Engine Options

There are two petrol engines available on the new Jeep Renegade, with three different power outputs. These engine options are as follows: 

  • 1.0-litre turbo, 3 cylinder, 4x2, 120hp (Available on Longitude, Night Eagle and Limited)
  • 1.3-litre, 4 cylinder, 4x2, 150hp (Available on Longitude, Night Eagle Limited and S models)
  • 1.3-litre, 4 cylinder, 4x4, 180hp (Available on Longitude, Limited and S models)

There is just one diesel engine available on range-topping Trailhawk Renegade models. This is a: 

  • 2.0-litre MultiJet II, 4-cylinder, 4x4 low, 170hp
Renegade Key and Mirror

4XE PHEV -  Plug-In Hybrid

Alongside the petrol and diesel variants, the Renegade is now also available as a plug-in hybrid. Combing a 1.3-litre petrol engine with an 11.4kWh battery-powered electric motor to provide up to 240hp combined power (depending on which model line you go for). This means a potential 0-62 time of just 7.1 seconds and up to 26 miles of zero-emission driving. For those not ready yet to jump to an electric car lease, a hybrid option like this Renegade Hybrid or the Volvo XC40 make for great alternatives. 

Jeep Renegade side profile


Design-wise, the Renegade is boxy and unique. And while perhaps not as dynamic in styling as the iconic Wrangler, the Renegade still makes an impact.

A distinctive wide lengthways grille and a low profile goes against the expected aesthetics of a compact SUV. But this unique design is perfect for those wanting to stand out from other cars on the road.

Rear design of Jeep Renegade

There are distinctive square rear lights and overall an aesthetic that is borderline utilitarian in its nature. We say borderline as we know that some love the charm of the Renegade as opposed to something a bit more sterile and predictable.

Renegade cabin


This entry-level Longitude model is basic but ticks boxes. The 8.4-inch colour touchscreen is responsive and offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. It’s not as vibrant as the systems in comparable SEAT or Skoda models, but it does the job more than well enough. Dual-zone climate control also comes as standard along with a speed limiter, lane departure warning, cruise control and satellite navigation.



We’ve heard many times the question, “Is the Jeep Renegade a 'real' Jeep?”, and well, that question is open to debate. The Renegade certainly encompasses the bold design and robust practicality of the famous Jeep brand, but does the quality of drive also meet expectations?

This particular Jeep Renegade had the entry-level 1-litre, 120 horsepower petrol engine. It also had a 6-speed manual gearbox as opposed to the automatic offering. First gear felt a little strained and the car was eager to move up as quickly as possible. But overall the changes were nice enough and easy to shift up and down through.

On our standard motorway test, I didn’t have much desire to go up to the 70mph limit, instead, the car felt happier cruising along at around 60-65 mile an hour. It could have reached it, no worries about that, but this doesn’t seem to be a car that you trug along at high speeds in. It may be somewhat surprising that this one is arguably more suited to a more leisurely pace around town. And with standard features such as rear parking sensors and a lane departure warning, those journeys are made even easier.

Jeep Renegade rear view

Final Verdict

It is a little annoying that a four-wheel-drive option is only available on the top of the range Trailhawk diesel model, especially when Jeep by definition is a brand that you immediately associate with capable off-roaders. That being said, this Renegade seems suited to a slightly less adventurous terrain, and perhaps more for the standard driving duties that most of us are likely to undertake.

It's simplistic, but not to a fault. We like to think of it as less faff, more useful buttons. Comfortable, easy to drive, a doddle to manoeuvre (when you consider the dynamics of the car), and no doubt-eye catching; it’s a low frills alternative to the comparable SEAT Ateca or the Fiat 500X of which it is based upon.


If you like the look of this Longitude Renegade, or any others in the Renegade model lineup, we can help. View our latest Jeep Renegade lease deals here or get in touch with one of the Carparison leasing experts to find out more.