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Our guide to the leasing order process

So, you’ve found your perfect lease vehicle, have chosen your lease terms and are content that you’ve found the best possible lease deal for that package. But what happens next? 

Here we take a look at how you place an order for your lease car and what goes on behind the scenes here at Carparison to ensure your vehicle gets to you on time. We will cover:

  • how to apply for finance on your chosen car
  • the information you will need to supply for a finance application
  • the order process
  • what you will need to pay and when
  • our delivery process

Placing your order

To place an order on your chosen lease car you will need to submit an application for finance. There are many ways for you to do this: you can do so online directly from your chosen deal, you can head straight to our online finance application form, or you can provide the required details over the phone with one of our dedicated Leasing Consultants.

The information required from you within this finance application will differ depending on whether you have chosen a Business or Personal contract hire agreement. In both cases you will need to supply name and address information for the applicant or business, income information and the bank details from which the lease will function.

Once we have your complete finance application, your dedicated Leasing Consultant will submit it to the organisation funding the lease deal you have chosen. They will conduct a full credit check, ensure you are identifiable at your current address and will assess affordability based on the cost of the chosen lease. They will then return a decision to us that states the application has either been accepted or declined. This process can take up to 24 hours under normal working conditions and we can only then place an order on a car once an accepted decision is returned to us.

If accepted: If you are approved on finance you will be required to complete and return a formal order form so we can consequentially place an order with the dealership for the corresponding vehicle, securing the stock and the price you were quoted.

If declined: There can be many reasons for a decline, and some of which are appealable, but this will be at the discretion and advice of your Leasing Consultant. If you are declined on finance we will not be able to proceed any further with your order. You can refer to these additional resources for advice on how to improve your credit score and what options you have.

The lease vehicle order process

Following on from finance approval there are a number of steps to take in order to complete your order. These are outlined as below and you can remotely follow the progress of your order by opening an online account with us.


What and when will I have to pay for my lease vehicle?

1)      Processing fee – before delivery can be arranged.

The first fee you will be required to pay will be our 195 +VAT processing fee. This can be paid by debit or credit card over the phone to our administration team, or via BACs payment.

2)      Initial payment – 7 to 10 days after delivery

Your initial payment will be taken by direct debit 7 to 10 days following delivery of your vehicle.

3)      Monthly payments –  a month following delivery

Your monthly payment will be taken by direct debit a month after delivery. This will be taken on the same day every month but you are able to call your funder and change this date if required.

4)      Additional charges – once the lease car is returned to the funder

Additional charges for damage or excess mileage will be billed by the funder after you hand your vehicle back to them.

The delivery process

Our administration team will organise delivery with you once the required documentation is complete and we have confirmation from the corresponding dealership that the vehicle is available. The delivery of your lease car will be on a date convenient to you but is subject to the availability of the dealership’s delivery team. We are unable to provide more specific delivery times within your delivery day. However, you will be contacted by the dealership before arrival to confirm all details and ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

Delivery will take place by driven delivery but the mileage accrued will not contribute to the mileage limit of your lease deal. It is your opportunity to ask about your new car and any special controls or features of which you are unfamiliar. However, if you have any outstanding questions following delivery, your dedicated Leasing Consultant will be happy to help.


What is included in my lease price?

The price for UK mainland delivery is included in the quoted price. Delivery to locations outside of this may be possible but will be subject to additional charges. Otherwise, delivery will be arranged to your nearest mainland port.

Your lease price includes standard manufacturer warranty plus breakdown cover and the cost of road tax for the complete lease term at the prevailing rate. Note: if changes to government legislation result in a rise in road tax applicable to your lease vehicle, this additional cost will be transferred to you.

You will not receive the V5 for the vehicle as the funder will remain the owner of the vehicle and will therefore be responsible for taxing it. You, however, will be responsible for maintaining the vehicle in line with recommended servicing intervals, and we would advise this be through a main dealer for warranty purposes.  If you have chosen a maintenance package with your lease vehicle, the cost for this will already be taken care of.

Insurance, fuel and any damage repairs will be your responsibility for the duration of your lease term.

What happens at the end of my lease?

Towards the end of your lease you will be contacted by the collection agent responsible for your vehicle. They will collect the vehicle from your home address at a time convenient to you within the remaining time of your lease. The vehicle will be inspected to ensure there is no excess damage or mileage. The standard of all returning lease vehicles are regulated by the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide which ensures the vehicle is in a suitable condition for its age and mileage.

If you have exceeded your mileage limit or have any damage outside of the accepted standards you will then be billed by the funder for this.

We recommend arranging your replacement lease vehicle at least a month ahead of your collection date. You can start your search at any time by browsing online or contacting our team.