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The best free apps for your lease car

The daily grind wears us all down - between the tense search for a parking space and dodging endless potholes on a poorly lit road, it’s easy to wish you’d just stayed home! 

When driving has become just another step on the quest to complete your daily to-do list, you may not feel like you’re making the most of your brand-new car. 

To take the hassle out of your next journey, we’ve compiled a list of the best free apps to enhance your drive – and put the pep back in your step when you head out with your keys.


As you may have noticed, we do love a good comparison site!

PetrolPrices does just that in app form, comparing the prices for petrol, diesel and premium fuels at your local fuelling stations. Just enter your postcode, town or city and filter by individual brands – and (according to their website) you too could be saving an average of £200 a year.

Whether or not you’re already feeling the pinch with the rising cost of living, this is a tool designed to benefit all its users by saving your pennies – and helping you avoid the petrol pumps with the longest, slowest queues.

One to think about if you plan to travel somewhere new as the weather gets warmer!

A woman at an electric charging station


Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular through leasing, but you may worry about the support and infrastructure needed to run one – especially away from home.

PlugShare claims to have the most accurate and complete public charging map worldwide, with stations from every major network showing in the UK (and across much of the globe).

Users can find charging stations, leave reviews and connect with other drivers of plug-in vehicles. If you find yourself anxious about charging your EV during a long journey, PlugShare will ensure you always know where to go when the battery is running low.


It’s not just strikes in February – it’s the season of cracked roads and potholes too. While we all do our best to avoid them, when visibility is low and traffic is heavy sometimes impact is unavoidable and our tyres take the hit.

If you find yourself hitting the same potholes over and over, consider filing a report via the FixMyStreet app which will flag problem areas with the local council* responsible for fixing them.

With smoother, healthier roads beneath your wheels, the only thing you need to worry about is enjoying the drive.

*unless, like us, you’re based in Devon

A country road with pot holes


If you’ve ever found yourself stranded with a flat tyre, you know how frustrating it can be trying to guide a friend, relative, or helpful RAC engineer to your exact location.

What3words has taken an innovative approach to navigation, giving every 3m square in the world a unique 3-word address.

The words are randomly assigned to each square and will always stay the same; using this approach, you can share your location with just three words – easy, peasy, right? You’ll never be lost (or waiting hours for the RAC to find the remote site of your break down) ever again, so you can get out on the road with confidence. 


And finally, the number one cause of driving anxiety – parking.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app that can magically make you stop dreading the parallel park (that we know of), but there is one that ensures driving around searching in vain for somewhere to park is a thing of the past.

Whether you’ve arrived later than planned at a tourist hotspot, or you don’t want to pay extortionate prices at the airport, JustPark means there is always somewhere safe to leave your car for the day.

A full car park

Looking for a new car to enjoy with these apps?