Published 25/09/2020

Published 25/09/2020

Does your driving style accurately reflect your personality?

It is widely accepted that our mood affects how we drive: sometimes affecting our tolerance for slower drivers, our willingness to let people merge or our desire to push the speed limit.

Taking this premise a step further, it is also perceived that the smallest aspects of how we drive can be a stark indicator of the person behind the wheel. The theory is that certain driving habits and driving behaviours are indicative of types of drivers with shared personality traits. This can be as simple as where we place our hands on the steering wheel.

Tom Vanderbilt, the author of ‘Traffic: why we drive the way we do and what it says about us’, is an expert on the subject. He commented, “Considering that many of us may spend more time in traffic than we do eating meals with our family… it seems worth probing into the experience.”

We are all taught to drive with our hands in the ten-to-two position at all times. Therefore, crossing your hands repeatedly or otherwise demonstrating a lack of control over the steering wheel can cause us to fail our driving test. And with good reason.

Nevertheless, despite knowing best practice, many drivers soon develop their own more distinct (and riskier) go-to hand position when driving. A lot of us won’t even have considered ours until now as the choice is mostly subconscious. And, for that reason alone, our hand placement is considered a great indicator of our personal character.

What does your driving style say about your personality?

Take a look at the most common driving positions below to see what your driving style reveals about your personality.

The Perfectionist

Driving style: The Perfectionist

Is this your driving style? You are ‘The Perfectionist’.

You like to do things right and play by the rules. You’ll have a proficiency for leadership and always expect people to toe the line. Your attention to detail is unfaltering and your perfectionist tendencies mean you insist on maintaining best practice at all times. After all, why be anything less than perfect?

The Nervous Nellie

Driving style: The Nervous Nellie

Is this your driving style? You are ‘The Nervous Nellie'.

Driving isn’t an enjoyable task for you, it is an unfortunate necessity that you prefer to endure alone. You are an introvert, preferring to stay out of the limelight. That said, you are hugely caring, practical and committed. You like to plan and then check trips relentlessly ahead of time and are in anticipation of all eventualities.

The Peacekeeper

Driving style: The Peacekeeper

Is this your driving style? You are ‘The Peacekeeper’.

You are a calm and reflective influence both on the road and in wider life. You are an avid avoider of arguments and conflict, instead opting to offer your stress-free resolutions. Because of this, you have a low tolerance for feuds between others and are frustrated when witnessing behaviour that seeks to purposely cause discomfort.

The One With Zero Tolerance

Driving style: The One With Zero Tolerance

Is this your driving style? You are ‘The One With Zero Tolerance’.

You are very goal-driven and relentless in your pursuits at any cost. Setbacks and obstacles are overcome no matter the circumstances. As an extremely busy person, you have little time and tolerance for people who get in your way.

You’re the one everyone wants to avoid on the road but in real life, this drive and determination make you the source of admiration. You’re a problem solver and an achiever meaning others want to follow suit.

The Cheerleader

Driving style: The Cheerleader

Is this your driving style? You are ‘The Cheerleader’.

You are a cheerleader for your friends and loved ones: always being the first to celebrate others’ success and eager to share in their joy. You are happy to let others take the lead, instead preferring to motivate people from the sidelines. Thanks to your supportive and well-rounded outlook, you are often the target for those seeking advice.

The Adventurer

Driving style: The Adventurer

Is this your driving style? You are ‘The Adventurer’.

You grab life by the horns and are not afraid of living on the edge. An undeniable adrenalin junkie, you are likely to participate in a high octane, high-risk sports like skydiving, bungee jumping or motorsports. You are strong-willed and confident and aim to live life to its fullest.

The Boss

Driving style: The Boss

Is this your driving style? You are ‘The Boss’.

Drivers using this style are considered natural-born leaders. You’ll find them in positions of authority, complemented by their clear and decisive communication skills. You get things done but are people-oriented in your methodology.

You’re trustworthy, confident and generous. Traits many would consider essential to the perfect boss!

The Minimalist

Driving style: The Minimalist

Is this your driving style? You are ‘The Minimalist’.

Life is all about the little things. Preferring to keep things simple, you are not attracted to material goods or luxuries. You are self-aware, accepting and conscientious. You like to blend into the background and avoid attracting attention at all costs.

The Cool Kid

Driving style: The Cool Kid

Is this your driving style? You are ‘The Cool Kid’.

The first word people conjure when thinking of you is ‘laid-back’. You refuse to take life seriously and remain in a constant state of relaxation. Not easily panicked or frustrated, you are both pragmatic and optimistic and treat every day as an adventure. People like to have you around and try to absorb your outlook on life.

There were some surprising realisations amongst the Carparison team when reviewing our very different driving styles. Are you happy with your results?

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