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GWM ORA Business Lease
& Contract Hire Deals

Being the first exclusive platform for making EVs in China, ORA is a sub-brand owned by Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors. Since launching in 2018, ORA has had great success.

Committed to developing 100% pure electric cars, the first model to be introduced to the UK is the fantastic 03 hatchback (formally the funky cat).

For more information on GWM ORA business contract hire, please get in touch with our leasing experts.

As well as the business contract hire, Carparison also offers GWM ORA personal contract hire if you fancy emission free driving in your everyday life.


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1 Models available

Frequently asked questions

What is the best GWM ORA to lease?
The only model currently available in the UK is the GWM ORA 03. It's a quirky, premium yet affordable hatchback offering a practical fully electric range.
What is the cheapest GWM ORA lease?
Right now, the lowest available monthly price on a business GWM ORA lease with Carparison is the GWM ORA 03 from £165.00.