Saloon car lease

The technical definition of a saloon car relies on the boot being separate from the passenger compartment and the boot lid being hinged below the back window.

But to the untechnical among us, they offer a distinctly stylish and luxurious driving experience.

The three box design of a saloon car - considering their engine, cabin and boot - is similar, but less curvy, than the even more sculpted coupe. 

The separate boot can restrict load space compared to a hatchback lease. But, by design, your drive will be quieter in a saloon car and your baggage better protected (by metal rather than glass). Even the lower range saloon car trims are likely to impress with driver comfort and technology always front of mind.

Despite being a bodystyle that offers less choice than the likes of an SUV, you'll still have plenty of great models to choose from for your next saloon car lease. From the increasingly popular Audi A3 Saloon, the humble Mazda 3 Saloon or the juggernaut that is the Tesla Model 3.

Start the search for your perfect saloon car lease today.

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