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Who is liable if my vehicle arrives damaged?

Because of the nature of driven delivery, there is always the risk of your car suffering minor damage on its way to you through stone chips and scuffs – though this is extremely rare. 

Upon arrival, you have the opportunity to inspect your vehicle alongside the driver to ensure you’re happy with the condition it has arrived in. While we’re very confident your vehicle will arrive unharmed, this is your opportunity to make note of any damage that may have occurred on the delivery sheet. 

Providing the damage is noted on the delivery sheet, the dealer will be liable to cover the damage. As the vehicle is required to return in good condition, it will be your responsibility to ensure the car is repaired in a timely manner at an approved dealership. But rest assured you will not be required to foot the bill. 

If your vehicle arrives in conditions that do not allow you to inspect it properly at the time- darkness or rain for example – note this on the delivery sheet and inspect it as soon as it is possible to do so and report any findings to us. If you have driven the car yourself before reporting the damage, as indicated through mileage increases since delivery, we are unable to take liability for any damage discovered after that documented on your delivery note.

Be aware that if the damage is not noted on the delivery sheet or repaired before the car is returned, you may be liable to cover the cost when you hand your lease car back. Please note, even if you are happy with the vehicle in the condition it is delivered but have noted delivery damage, the funder will still require you to organise the repairs or be liable for the costs at the end of your contract. 

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