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Can an electric car be charged while it is being driven?

As of yet, there are no electric cars that will completely charge themselves as you drive. However, it is certainly being discussed as a potential option for the future.

While there is not a car that can fully charge itself, many use Regenerative braking that helps harvest the otherwise wasted energy when you put your foot down on the brake pedal. This can help provide charge to the battery and improve your overall efficiency.

You can also get self-charging hybrids, cars that combine electric power with a combustion engine and do not need to be plugged in. It recharges by using methods like regenerative braking but unlike fully electric cars, the motor only acts as a supplement to the combustion engine.

Renault have previously confirmed their research into contactless dynamic charging, which would allow cars to be charged on the move, so it may not be too long before we see this as a viable option in the future.

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