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What are electric cars like to drive?

Electric cars can be very quick off the line thanks to their ability to access instant torque.

Unlike a combustion engine car, which progressively gets faster as it works through the gearbox, electric cars have access to all their power straight away.

This results in some quite punchy acceleration speeds that can rival some of the best supercars on the market. 

Select Tesla Model S editions have sub-two second 0-60mph times, ensuring that you do not lose any performance by going electric. 

The lack of a combustion engine does change the driving experience in an electric car, but they are by no means difficult to drive.

With no gearbox to worry about, you get a more refined drive that will be far quieter than what you may experience in a petrol or diesel car. Many compare driving an electric car to driving a combustion automatic car but with more instant torque, and without the audible grunt.

The sensation is different, but if anything, many would argue that electric cars are easier to drive.

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