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What happens on the day of my install?

British Gas will agree on a date and time with you for your installation and confirm this by email.  

On the day of your installation, a British Gas engineer will call ahead to let you know they’re on the way.

You’ll need to make sure someone over 18 is available to meet the engineer, answer any questions and stay with them throughout the appointment.

The engineer may need to switch off your electricity supply to install your charger. So, it's a good idea to switch off any appliances or electronic equipment that may be affected.

If the engineer finds anything that needs further investigation during your appointment, they'll let you know what needs to happen next before we continue with your installation. They’ll also discuss your energy usage and habits with you.

Make sure there's clear access to the area where the charger will be installed such as unlocking a locked gate or cupboard. You should also ensure young children and pets are kept safely out of the way.

Any additional work that has been completed by a third party, will need to be checked before your charger is installed.

Finally, if you don’t already have the Hive app, it’s advised you download it before the installation day as the engineer will talk you through pairing it up to the charger.

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