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What is a Load Management Device?

A domestic property has a maximum allowable load by the DNO, this is normally 60, 80 or 100 amps.  Where you can’t upgrade the allowable load of the home further (by upgrading the electrical supply to the property) an electrical services upgrade or Load Management Device is needed. 

In the instances where a Load Management Device is needed, British Gas will install a Matt:e RC or TC, which will ensure that the charger is disconnected from the electrical installation when the electrical load of the house exceeds a pre-set limit.

This avoids expensive and intrusive upgrade work to your electrical services which you would otherwise have to undertake. It also allows the installation of an EV Charge point when the total electrical load of the property exceeds the capacity of the service.

The Matt:e RC or TC must be installed within three metres of the incoming electric service (electric meter) as the device needs to be within this distance to effectively monitor the electrical load of the house.

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