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Can I cancel a car lease?

If you're deciding whether to cancel your lease car before you've signed your order documentation, you are free to do so without penalty.

After you have submitted signed funder fincance documentation, there is a 14 day penalty-free cancellation period known as the cooling off period. This allows you to cancel the finance agreement without early termination charges.

If work has been carried out by us to progress your order in this time, fees apply for cancellations made after your signed funder finance documentation has been received and after delivery has been booked. These charges cover the operational costs incurred in progressing your order to these milestones and the loss of income as a result of removing the vehicle from sale.

After 14 days, or if you take delivery within this timeframe, additional charges may apply. Please see our full cancellation policy for details.

For Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) and partnerships with more than four partners, the cooling off period does not apply. Therefore, all cancellations for contracts of this sort will be chargeable.

The cancellation charge usually equals the £298.80 including VAT processing fee owed at the time of order. If collection or damage costs apply, these will be in addition.

If you are part way through your contract, please see our guidance on early termination.

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