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How will delivery work?

Our administration team will organise delivery with you once the required documentation is complete and we have confirmation from the corresponding dealership that the vehicle is available.

We will endeavour to be as accurate as possible when you place your order as to the expected lead time on your vehicle. This should be as little as 7 - 10 days on a stock vehicle but can be considerably longer on factory build vehicles due to construction and transportation periods. 

Delivery of your new lease vehicle is available Monday to Friday during normal working hours. Weekend delivery is sometimes possible within high volume months - March and September - but ask your leasing consultant for confirmation.

The delivery of your lease car will be organised for a date convenient to you but is subject to the availability of the dealership’s delivery team. We are unable to provide more specific delivery times within your delivery day. However, you will be contacted by the dealership before arrival to confirm all details and ensure the process is as seamless as possible. The driver is also expected to call you roughly an hour before their arrival.

Delivery will take place by driven delivery but the mileage accrued will not contribute to the mileage limit of your lease deal. It is your opportunity to ask about your new car and any special controls or features of which you are unfamiliar. However, if you have any outstanding questions following delivery, your dedicated Leasing Consultant will be happy to help.

You should expect the vehicle to arrive in a clean condition having been washed at your nearest hand car wash facility. However, this will unavoidably be affected by the weather conditions on your delivery day.

You will be required to sign for delivery of your lease vehicle - please check its condition thoroughly as anything you are not happy with that isn't noted on the handover documentation will not be rectifiable by us. The delivery driver of your lease vehicle will travel home using public transport or will be collected by a colleague, you are not required or expected to contribute to their onward travel. 

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