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What is an accommodation deal?

When it relates to car financing, accommodation refers to someone taking out finance on behalf of someone else.

This could be a parent taking out an agreement on behalf on their child, or perhaps even a husband/wife taking out the agreement on behalf of their spouse. Whilst not illegal, it isn't allowed.

In order to be accepted for finance on a lease car, the funder of the lease deal will undertake a credit check. If this is failed, the individual is deemed too much of a financial risk to take on the lease contract. Becuase of this, it also wouldn't expect that person to be able to pay the same amount to another individual taking on the finance on their behalf and therefore will not facilitate the finance. This is regardless of whether the individual can prove their affordability in their own right.

Extenuating circumstances are sometimes permitted but only with prior written consent from the funder. If in doubt, contact your funder.

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