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How do I get the best lease deal?

It is our priority as a leasing broker to advertise only the best rates on the market. We have a dedicated pricing team who constantly scour the market to ensure we can promote the best lease deals. Equally, they work closely with manufacturers, dealers and funders to create our own lease agreements. By agreeing to high volumes and even by securing stock ourselves, we are able to achieve higher discounts and these are passed onto our customers.

Our best advice when it comes to finding the best deal is to confide your preferences and requirements to your dedicated Leasing Consultant. They will then be able to take this information and provide personalised quotes based on your personal preferences.

Manufacturers and funders can apply discounts on terms and models preferable to them, so it is always worth checking prices for various options as the savings don’t always work in a logical way – for example, you would expect a higher mileage lease to cost more per month than a lesser one on the same vehicle. However, if a discount has been applied to some terms and not others the monthly price for greater mileage could actually be preferable. Equally, different leasing funders offer different minimum mileages and therefore their individual special offers may be applicable to certain mileages and not to the others they do not provide.

Our team of Leasing Consultants will always know all about the preferential rates on the models we advertise, so always ask their advice.

The Carparison search tool has been designed specifically to get you to the best priced lease deal on your chosen vehicle first time. When browsing vehicle rates listings will show automatically from cheapest upwards. When you click through to a deal detail page, the customisation tool will default to the cheapest terms we have available and you can personalise this from there and amend if those terms do not suit you. 

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