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Can I dispute end-of-lease charges?

End-of-lease charges could relate to excess mileage, vehicle damage or missing items.

The BVRLA are the governing body who oversee reputable brokers. They describe end-of-lease charges as: "End-of lease charges occur when the vehicle, its equipment or accessories are not used, maintained or looked after as originally agreed at the start of the lease. The charges compensate the leasing company for the cost of rectifying damage or missing items such as keys or service history."

Your lease vehicle will be collected from you at the end of your lease term. At this point a trained assessor with inspect your vehicle and any accompanying paperwork to ensure the contract terms have been met - this includes mileage and servicing requirements. Anything chargeable will be listed in their report and you will be required to sign acceptance of this. You have the right to dispute any charges with a lease company who is a member of the BVRLA. To do so, ensure you mark yourobjections on the assessor's report before signing it. You will then need to source an independent engineer to re-examine the lease vehicle. Their findings will then be final and, if agreeable with you, any charges will be refunded in full.

Customers will not be charged for a vehicle in a condition deemed suitable considering its age and mileage, as outlined within the BVRLA's fair wear and tear guide.

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