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Will I be charged for damage on the car?

If I damage my lease vehicle, will I have to pay?

First and foremost, you will not be expected to return the car in perfect condition.

Many believe that lease cars must be returned at the end of their contract in showroom condition. However, it is realistic to expect minor wear and tear on vehicles over a few years and this is reflected in the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide. This guide governs the standards of returned lease vehicles and is upheld by all reputable leasing companies. 

Naturally, as close to its original condition as possible is better. But provided you have kept the car in good condition and it has not been subject to misuse or neglect, minor wear and tear will not be chargeable.

Examples of acceptable wear and tear include:

  • Tyre tread above 1.6mm
  • bodyork scuffs no longer than 25mm
  • small scrates on the windscreen outside of the drivers line of sight
  • minor upholstery wear considered from normal use

Examples of unacceptable wear and tear include:

  • windscreen chips
  • tyre tread below the legal minimum of 1.6mm
  • dents or scratches that expose metal
  • permanent stains to upholstery

For a full list of items considered fair wear and tear on a returned lease vehicle, read the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide.


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