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Can you own a lease car?

You must enter your lease agreement content with the fact that there will never be the option to own the vehicle at the end of it.

A lease agreement is based on you paying only for the depreciation of the vehicle, unlike the full vehicle value like with other financing methods, which therefore keeps monthly costs lower.

While a number of leasing funders are exploring the potential of selling the lease cars they finance to their drivers at the end of the lease, it is not something provided in the vast majority of cases. Furthermore, the purchase figure is not able to be provided at the start of the lease contract and is not predictable as a result of uncontrollable market fluctuations. So, while purchasing your lease vehicle may be possible in some, rare circumstances, you should never enter a lease agreement assuming you will have the option to own the vehicle at the end of your term.

If ownership is important to you but you are unable to buy a car outright, a PCP or HP agreement may be more suitable.

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