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What are the advantages of car leasing?

There are many advantages of leasing, and car leasing is becoming an increasingly popular method of car finance for many drivers for many reasons.

Car leasing enables a customer to drive away in a brand new vehicle with the latest technology for an affordable monthly payment. Unlike many other finance options, leasing includes your vehicle fund license (road tax) for the duration of the agreement. A Carparison lease also includes free UK mainland delivery, a full manufacturers warranty and breakdown cover with every vehicle. The benefits of leasing also include: 

  • Drive a car wiht the latest safety features  

  • Benefit from the newest (and often most fuel-efficient) engines

  • Lower initial payments/no deposit options  

  • No depreciation worries  

  • Leasing frees up cashflow that wouldn’t be available should you choose to go elsewhere and purchase the car outright.  

Leasing is also incredibly simple. You can browse our latest lease deals and choose your perfect car, then submit us with an enquiry and we will provide you with a personalised quote. Looks good? We’ll then submit an application for finance. Once all approved, you sign your contract and decide on a delivery date. We’ll get the car to you as soon as possible.  

And once your lease period is up? Swap the car for a brand new one. With a personal or business lease you are able to drive cars on the latest plates and with the most up to date technologies, without the hassle inseparable from other financing methods.  

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