Carparison team

Getting the sale over the line is the end goal of what we do.

But the business is so much more than that - and it wouldn't be what it is without the strength of the people toiling away every day.

As a company, we're committed to strong growth. But we're not going to leave anyone behind in the process.

Transparency to customers and each other

Transparency is a huge driving force in everything we do.

We were the first UK leasing broker to display our commission upfront on our website, and we will always tell customers how it is: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

But more importantly, we're always transparent with each other.

Communication is key to the success of the business. Whether it's good or bad, making sure that the teams can talk to each other about their work means we're all always on the same page and working towards the same goal. Whether that's selling the deals, arranging delivery, or writing posts like this.

Creating an environment where people can think big, have fun, and shape the future

We spend so much of our time at work - in fact, you probably see your colleagues more than you see your family - and so we want to create an office environment where people want to come to work. Yes, even when it's raining outside.

And more than that, we want to create an environment where the people in the business can have a hand in shaping what the future looks like.

Carparison is a uniquely fun place to work, but it's only that way because of the work ethic, commitment, and personalities of the whole team. Every day is different! There really is never a dull moment with our team around.

And yes, our office socials are phenomenal. Did someone say egg and spoon race?

Empowering management to manage their teams their way

We might be a little biased, but our senior management team are the best senior management team around.

They've been given (almost) free reign to manage their teams how they think is best, which has resulted in every single department being extremely strong in what they do. Whether it's admin, sales, pricing, or marketing, their fearless leader has formed a stellar team with the credentials to match. 

After all, we don't win awards for nothing.

Listening to staff and actioning feedback

There is so much scope for the whole team to make a real difference.

Matt, our General Manager, is committed to listening and actioning feedback from staff, including creating a Business Intelligence Taskforce where people can proactively shape the future of the business.

Every single person at Carparison has the ideas and the ability to push the business forward, and it's because management are listening that the company's growth so far has been so fast and so strong. We might be reasonably new to the leasing broker industry, but that hasn't stopped us from shaking things up and doing it the Carparison way.

But we can't do that without the buy-in of the team, and a commitment from everyone to keep pushing the boundaries of what leasing can look like every single day.

The sky isn't the limit

We're going to space.

Not literally. (We wish. Anyone need to lease a rocket?). But figuratively, that's where we're pushing the business. To be the best leasing broker in the UK is no easy feat - but we've got the people, talent, and support to do it.

We're dreaming big. But we're also succeeding.

And it's all down to the people who work here - Carparison wouldn't be Carparison without the strength of its people.

If you're looking for a job where you can forge your career path, be encouraged to dream bigger than you ever thought possible, and shape the future, Carparison is the place for you. If you're willing to put in the work, you won't find a friendlier or more supportive office environment anywhere else.

We're big fans of our team.

Want to kickstart your own career with Carparison?