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Which SUV has the biggest boot space?

If you need an SUV with a boot big enough that your furry friend will appreciate, and that’ll fit in all that hefty luggage or your bulky sports equipment, we’re here to help!

Cars are not all about the drive; they’re family haulers, a shopping trolley, and an equipment transporter all rolled into one. Therefore, space and a big boot is essential for a lot of people.

SUVs are especially a popular choice because of their large cabins and big boots. Whether you need one for a pampered pooch, taking a load of recycling to the tip or a family holiday, these are the SUVs you should check out for your next car lease.

Choosing the right car for your needs can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. If you’re looking for the best SUV for luggage space, we’ve got a selection of the best five and seven-seater options on the market.

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

  • 591 litres with five seats
  • 1,383 litres with two seats

The Evoque has a boot capacity of 591 litres which can rise to 1383 litres with the rear seats down. You’ll have no problem fitting in all the family’s luggage or all the bags from a weekly shop. If you’re into sport, there’s certainly enough space to fit in all your equipment too.

The rear seats can split 40:20:40, so the added flexibility will come in handy if you need to carry passengers and a lengthy load.

All four doors have storage bins and there’s a decent amount of space underneath the central armrest to store a few small water bottles or some of your belongings.

Not only is the slick 4x4 practical, but it’s ridiculously stylish on both the inside and the outside. The confident Range Rover has an unmistakable presence and the uncluttered surfaces in the cabin create a minimalistic feel.

A raised body and large windscreen make visibility great and the Evoque is incredibly easy to drive. Not just good on the road, the Evoque likes to get its wheels dirty too- every Evoque is equipped with four-wheel drive and intelligent All Terrain Control.

Kia Sorento boot space

Left: 2023 Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid. Right: 2023 Kia Sorento hybrid

Kia Sorento

  • 187 litres with seven seats
  • 616 litres with five seats
  • 2,011 litres with two seats

The Kia Sorento can often be overlooked in the seven-seater sector, but it has its merits as a practical and spacious family vehicle.

With all seven seats upright, it offers up to 187 litres of space. That’s not enough to tackle a family holiday by any stretch, but it will get you by for your weekly shop or a few travel bags when required.

Where the Sorento begins to come into its own is once you start dropping rows of seats. Folding the third row converts the space into 616 litres.

If you’re planning a big IKEA trip, you can remove the second and third row of seats and you’ll achieve up to an impressive 2,0111 litres of space. This can drop to 1,996 litres on hybrid models, but it remains a hugely impressive figure.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Mercedes-Benz GLE

  • 630 litres with five seats
  • 2,055 litres with two seats

The Mercedes-Benz GLE mixes premium motoring with comfort and practicality. Its cabin showcases a serious wow factor with high-tech gadgetry and nice touches everywhere you look.

Extremely large, the GLE’s 630 litre boot can fit in all your belongings, from those large suitcases to your golf clubs. Boot capacity can also increase up to a generous 2055 litres.

The rear seats split with a 40:20:40 configuration, or if you opt for the seven-seater model, the third row of seats fold electronically to the floor, while the middle row of seats have a split configuration.

There’s some space underneath the boot floor for extra storage and the boot comes with hooks and nets to stop your items from moving around.

With lots of room in the back, your passengers will have no problem to stretch out and relax. Storage is excellent in the cabin too, with door cubbies and some pockets on the backs of the front seats for storing smaller things.

Jaguar F Pace boot space

Jaguar F-Pace

  • 650 litres with five seats
  • 1,740 litres with two seats

Bringing an award-winning design, the Jaguar F-Pace has been designed to make every journey extraordinary and oozes effortless quality.

With 650 litres of load space, the F-Pace can accommodate whatever adventures the weekends bring. If you’ve got a growing family, you could easily fit in a buggy and a few other things.

With the seats folded down, boot space increases to 1842 litres, so if you need to do a big tip run, your Jaguar F-Pace could lend a hand.

It allows you to drop the rear seats in a 40:20:40 split too, so you can adapt the boot space to whatever you need. Once you’ve folded the seats down, you’re left with a flat load surface, making it easy to slide in long and heavy items.

There’s lots of room in the back, so there’s no chance your passengers will be clashing elbows with the person next to them. It’s also fitted with a range of storage on the doors, space under the front armrest, and a decent-sized glovebox.

BMW X7 boot space


  • 326 litres with seven seats
  • 750 litres with five seats
  • 2210 litres with two seats

Achieve premium quality without sacrificing practicality for all the family. The BMW X7 combines the best of both worlds.

With seven seats, you have the room to allow all of the family to travel in style. All the while, there’s a generous 326 litres of boot space while all your seats are upright.

For comparison, that’s more boot space than you’ll find in a family hatchback like a Vauxhall Corsa or Ford Fiesta and that’s on top of having seven seats. Impressive.

Drop the third row of seats and this rises to 750 litres and 2,210 litres if you go one step further and remove the second row too.

Audi Q7 boot space

Audi Q7

  • 295L with seven seats
  • 770L – with five seats
  • 2210L – with two seats

Equally as stylish, the Audi Q7 is a strong competitor to the BMW X7. Another premium seven-seater SUV from a German manufacturer, this may have to come down to personal preference.

If the Q7 is your Audi lease deal of choice, you’ll find a comparable space inside, with 295 litres with all seats up – easily enough for a few travel bags or cabin cases. If you fold the third row, this gives you 770 litres of space and, like the X7, 2,210 if you remove the second row out of contention too.

Volkswagen Touareg boot space

Volkswagen Touareg

  • 810 litres with five seats
  • 1,800 litres with two seats

Luxurious and beautifully built, the Touareg is a flagship SUV of the Volkswagen range.

The five-seater may not accommodate as many people, but if you need a lot of room for your belongings and space around the cabin, the Volkswagen Touareg is a practical option. With an 810 litre boot, you can fit in everything - from sports equipment to your shopping, to your luggage.

With the seats folded down, boot capacity rises to 1800 litres, making it practically a small van.

The Touareg’s generous proportions give you the freedom to move with a 40:20:40 ratio split for the rear seats. If you want even more convenience, you can also add the Easy Open package to open the boot at the touch of a button.

If you like storage in the cabin, the Touareg comes with cup holders, door cubbies and storage under the front armrest. The rear seats also recline at three angles, so your passengers can have a little snooze if they fancy.

Skoda Kodiaq boot space

Skoda Kodiaq

  • 270 litres with seven seats
  • 835 litres with five seats
  • 2,065 litres with two seats

Opt for a Skoda Kodiaq lease and enjoy an ultra-practical car.

If you choose the five-seater, you get a huge boot, coming in at 835 litres, which grows to 2,065 litres when you put the seats down. A clear winner for boot space. Understandably, you’ll lose a bit of room in the back if you go for the seven-seater.

Even with all seven seats in use, there’s a respectable 270 litres available.

With a 40:20:40 split seat arrangement, you can adapt the car to your needs. So, whether you’ll be carrying more people or more cargo, your Kodiaq has been designed to suit every need. 

There’s lots of storage to keep the large cabin at bay. Door pockets and cubbies dotted around the cabin are perfect for keeping your clobber out of the way.

Tesla Model Y with moving boxes in boot

Tesla Model Y

  • 854 litres with five seats
  • 2158 litres with two seats

If you’re in the market for a spacious family vehicle and also considering an electric car lease, the Tesla Model Y is the car for you.

In the US, the Model Y is available as a seven-seater SUV. However, this is not yet available in the UK, but because of this, you’re left with a tremendous amount of space.

Including some handy underfloor storage, there’s 854 litres of space in the rear. The row of seats can easily be folded electronically from the boot to increase this to 2,158 litres.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tesla also provide an additional 117 litres in the ‘frunk’ at the front of the vehicle.

During our test, we managed to fit one large moving box and another five medium sized moving boxes into the boot without folding the rear seats. Dropping the seats allowed us to get four large boxes and six medium size boxes in.

With a Tesla Model Y lease you’ll enjoy a versatile space that combines practicality with efficiency to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Peugeot 5008 boot space

Peugeot 5008

  • 166 litres with seven seats
  • 952 litres with five seats
  • 2150 litres with two seats

For an SUV with a large boot, it’s hard to ignore the Peugeot 5008. As practical as it is spacious, this stylish French option is extremely roomy.

With all seven seats in use, your boot space is limited to a reduced space that is going to be best reserved for a few shopping bags and nothing much more.

However, if you can drop that third row of seats, which can be done easily and in a matter of seconds, this space rises to a huge 952 litres.

An adjustable second row adds greater flexibility, but with such huge potential, the 5008 has to be seen as one of the class leaders in the seven-seater SUV sector.

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