Meet the EV that has shaken up the electric car market

It’s not perfect, but this is the EV that the general public have been waiting for. An affordable, practical, stylish and efficient electric car. And it’s an MG!

Now we’re just being playful here, MG are on the rise and have become one of the big players in the UK electric car market.

If you ask drivers over a certain age, there’s no way the words MG and ‘practical, stylish and efficient’ could ever possibly go together, but this is a new era for the now Chinese-owned manufacturer.

You don't have to move very far on the internet to find an MG4 review that doesn't paint this EV in glowing terms, so we had to find out what all the fuss is about.

What did we drive?

Model: Trophy Long Range

Transmission: Automatic

Power: (205PS – Electric)

Colour: Volcano Orange

OTR: from £26,995

Price of model driven: £32,495

*Prices correct at the time of publication

MG4 parked under tree


Prices for the MG4 start from £26,995* for the entry-level SE trim level. This ranges all the way up to £36,495 for the top-spec Trophy Extended Range version.

It's in the pricing where MG make the biggest wins – they are simply so much cheaper than their main competitors. The Volkswagen ID.3 starts from £37,115, while the CUPRA Born begins at £36,475.

With such a price difference between the MG4 and its biggest competitors, it is hard to overlook this electric vehicle as one of the biggest bargains available.

The heightened list prices of an EV are often cited as one of the biggest barriers to entry for those looking to make the switch and the MG4 smashes down that barrier.

You can make further savings with an MG4 lease, which allows you to spread that cost over a set duration for a more cost-effective driving experience.

*All prices correct at the time of publication and subject to change

MG4 parked in Autumnal setting

Batteries, range & charging

Throughout the MG4 range, you have three battery sizes to choose from. There’s the smallest 51kWh battery that is available with both SE trim levels.

This Trophy Long Range version was powered by a 64kWh battery, but with the Extended Range version, you’ll have a bigger 77kWh powertrain under the bonnet.

The MG4 has a claimed range of up to 323 miles, but this is only if you choose to lease the Extended Range trim, which comes with the bigger battery pack.

In our Trophy Long Range version, this claimed range drops to 270 miles, which remains respectable for a family hatchback.

Model dependent, the Born has a claimed range of up to 343 miles, while the Renault Zoe E-Tech only offers up to 239 miles.

During our review, we experienced a real-world range of around 245 miles, which is pretty impressive when considering the circumstances of our test drive, which included some motorway and dual carriageway driving, as well as some inner-city and town roads.

The entry-level SE model has a claimed range of around 218 miles, while the SE Long Range jumps up to 281 miles. While it's not class-leading in the electric hatchback sector, the MG4 is very competitive when it comes to the claimed range it can offer for the price.

Vehicle to Load charging also comes as standard with every MG4 – a nice perk to have.

MG4 driving


It quickly became clear that the MG4 offers a solid and assured drive.

With just over 200 horsepower at its disposal, the instant torque provides fantastic acceleration speeds, and the agile handling gives the MG4 a nimble edge that many of its rivals can’t match.

The ride and comfort levels were smooth and as good as anything we have tested previously.

The handling is so smooth and with lots of grip, it does feel a little bit like a hot hatch of yesteryear, and that’s without upgrading to the performance focused XPower MG4.

There are four levels of regenerative braking; 1,2,3 and Auto so there’s flexibility to find your preference, though we found Auto to be a nice balance.

MG4 in Volcano Orange parked by greenary

Design & Interior

The MG4’s exterior design is bold. This will come down to personal taste, but I think it is a very modern looking EV.

The colour palette is eye-catching and the Volcano Orange option is an easy way to ensure your new EV stands out from the crowd.

Through the sloping roofline and sleek headlights, it has an element of futuristic design about it, without going too far.

MG have balanced this nicely with a sporty feel, thanks to the small rear spoiler and a boxy, yet curvy stance that adds unmistakable presence.

The rear light bar that spans the width of the vehicle looks brilliant when illuminated at night and only enhances the feeling that this is not a vehicle that has been built by cutting corners in its design.

MG4 interior cabin space

Stepping inside, the interior is very minimalist. The MG4 benefits from this open space. For what is a compact family hatchback, the cabin space still feels roomy and airy because there isn’t much going on in front of you.

The overall quality of the materials inside feels good. It’s not premium by any stretch but doesn’t feel cheap either. Be aware there are a lot of piano black finishes throughout, so fingermarks may become your worst nemesis.

MG4 boot space

Space & practicality

The MG4 is a much bigger car in person than pictures give the impression of. It’s not massive, but much wider than you may have expected.

It makes for a spacious family car and there’s a decent amount of headroom for driver and passengers alike. Taller rear passengers aren’t going to love it over a longer journey, but it will be manageable for short trips.

Rear storage is reasonable, with a 363 litre boot space. It’s competitive for this class, but not quite the best option available.

Fold all your rear seats down and you get a near flat floor that extends your storage space up to 1177L, model dependent.

Both the CUPRA Born and ID.3 have marginally more room at 385 litres, but the MG4 is ahead of alternative options like the BYD Dolphin (345L) and the Renault Zoe E-Tech (338L).

MG4 Infotainment screen


The MG4’s technology is perhaps its biggest downfall. It’s by no means a deal breaker, especially for those who are fans of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If you’re not using your smartphone, it is important to note that Satellite Navigation isn’t available as standard on either of the SE trim levels.

However, it isn’t the most user-friendly system on the market, even compared to something like the Volkswagen ID.3 and CUPRA Born – while still fiddly, both are easier to use.

The MG4’s 10.25-inch colour touchscreen is laid out with block sub sections which can be tricky to navigate on the move. It leaves the driver reliant on shortcut buttons that aren’t always clearly labelled or viewable.

Similarly, the driver’s display is not the most expansive available on the market, but it does give you all the relevant information you’ll need.

MG4 EV SAIC Vision


During its Euro NCAP safety tests, the MG4 EV scored all five stars, with an adult occupant rating of 83% and a child occupant rating of 80%.

The MG4 comes with a range of safety equipment and systems included as standard, such as Emergency Brake Assist and Hill Start Assist among others.

MG4 EV parked next to field

Model lines & equipment

There are four different trim levels throughout the MG4 range, however, it is more like two, with no significant differences between the two SE variants and the two Trophy variants, aside from the battery choices.

We’ve highlighted some of the key features of each trim level below.

SE – from £26,995

  • MG Pilot
  • 10.25" Colour Touchscreen
  • iSMART User App
  • 7" Full Digital Driver Information Display
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

SE Long Range – from £29,495

  • MG Pilot
  • 10.25" Colour Touchscreen
  • iSMART User App
  • 7" Full Digital Driver Information Display
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Trophy Long Range – from £32,495

(In addition to/replacement of SE Long Range)

  • 360° Parking Camera
  • iSMART Live Services
  • Wireless Mobile Phone Charger
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Heated Front Seats and Steering Wheel
  • Mobile Phone Bluetooth Key

Trophy Extended Range – from £36,495

  • 360° Parking Camera
  • iSMART Live Services
  • Wireless Mobile Phone Charger
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Heated Front Seats and Steering Wheel
  • Mobile Phone Bluetooth Key
Front profile of the MG4 EV


I opened this review by declaring this car is not perfect, but my word does it deliver value for money.

Not only is it substantially more affordable than some of its German rivals, but it also either matches or betters them on drive, range, interior quality and well, just about everything.

Throughout our time with the MG4, we felt compelled to keep comparing it to its established German rivals, but you just can’t help yourself. When the quality is this good, for a price that is considerably cheaper than its nearest competitor, you have to sit up and take notice.

The MG4 has been showered with nothing but high praise since its launch and we feared it might have been too good to be true, but for the price, its quality and value on offer is unrivalled. 

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