Volkswagen ID.4
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Does Volkswagen’s first all-electric SUV stand the test of time in an uber-competitive market?

The ID.4 represents a look into the future of one of the automotive world’s most famous names.

When it was released in 2020, it became Volkswagen’s first all-electric SUV. For a brand that had become so synonymous with the SUV, the ID.4 breathes new life into that segment.

It’s not short of electric competitors either, counting the likes of the Skoda Enyaq iV, Tesla Model Y, Nissan Ariya and Hyundai Ioniq 5 among its long list of rivals.

We’ve been behind the wheel of this stunning Life Pro Performance edition, to see how this German powerhouse compares to some of the newest additions to the market.

What did we drive?

Model: 150kW Life Pro Performance 77kWh 5dr Auto

Transmission: Automatic

Power: Electric (204PS)

Colour: Glacier white

OTR: From £38,985

Price of model driven: From £46,175

*Prices correct at the time of publication

Volkswagen ID.4 front profile


Prices for the Volkswagen ID.4 start from £38,985 for the entry-level Life Edition, with the smaller 52kWh. Although it is the smaller of the two batteries available, it does still come well-specced as standard, with Adaptive Cruise Control, heated front seats and steering wheel as standard.

With several battery and trim level options to choose from, prices for the ID.4 range all the way up to £53,005 for the range topping GTX edition, which includes Panoramic glass roof, bespoke alloy wheels and matrix LED headlights.

The Skoda Enyaq iV’s entry-level price is near identical at £38,970 and also offers a more affordable option with their all singing, all dancing range-topping vRS model, which starts from £52,670.

If you would prefer to spread that outright cost into affordable, fixed monthly payments, getting an ID.4 on a VW lease deal can create a more cost-effective driving experience.

Volkswagen ID.4 parked in forest

Batteries, range & charging

Within the ID.4 range, there are two battery sizes available; the smaller 52kWh battery pack and a larger 77kWh battery. Beyond the two sizes, you have numerous battery variants to choose from, depending on your trim level.

The entry-level ID.4 comes with the smaller battery option and has a claimed range of up to 223 miles. This rises to up to 328 miles with the 77kWh Pro Performance variant that we were testing.

If you can charge up to 150kW, you’ll recoup around 201 miles in 30 minutes at a public charger. At home, it’ll take around 12 hours to go from zero to full using a 7kW charger.

With the additional range that the bigger battery provides, if you can stretch to the bigger pack, it is worth doing so with your next electric car lease.

Volkswagen ID.4 driving along country road


The ID.4’s drive is rather smooth. The driver’s seat offers great comfort and support on the move.

It’s perfect if you do plan to use the ID.4 as your family car and regularly tackle long distance journeys.

And it’s good news if the ID.4 isn’t going to be a family vehicle, but more of a business or everyday EV. The steering is agile, light and responsive. For a car of this size, it’s easily manoeuvrable and a doddle to park.

I’ve never been a huge admirer of the drive selector, which is placed on a stalk behind the steering wheel. It doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as something like the aeroplane-like gear selector we experienced in our BYD ATTO 3 review, but this will be down to your personal taste.

There is some wind noise through the cabin at higher speeds, but nothing that isn’t par for the course with electric vehicles.

Overall, it’s a very easy car to get to grips with and one you won’t struggle to rack up the miles in.

Volkswagen ID.4 side profile and interior

Design & interior

Volkswagen have struck a nice blend with their ID range and specifically, the ID.4 It fits the bill with a very traditional Volkswagen look and doesn’t look overtly electric, unlike rivals like the Ioniq 5, or even the Skoda Enyaq iV.

However, it does have a dominant stance and presence. The raised stature of the ID.4 gives it a commanding look, elevated by this Glacier White colour with black finishes.

The interior of the ID.4 feels very spacious. It is reminiscent of the Model Y in many regards. There’s an element of minimalism about the cabin.

Comfort levels throughout are very good and the quality of the materials are good.

It caught us by surprise to see what we would describe as ‘old fashioned’ pull-down armrests (think aeroplane seats, or your parents' car from the '90s) in the front of the cabin, rather than a raised armrest built into a storage compartment. In what is such a modern and forward-thinking EV, it felt like a nice throwback.

Volkswagen ID.4 boot space

Space & practicality

The ID.4 is a very practical and spacious electric SUV. In total, there’s 543 litres of boot storage.

A large and wide boot opening means you won’t struggle to load larger items in and out of the ID.4. Meanwhile, the false floor creates some helpful storage underneath to stow charging cables out of sight.

There’s a small load lip to contend with, but it is manageable. Whether you’re loading up a set of golf clubs or two, or need to swallow the weekly shop while still carrying the baby’s pushchair, there’s enough space in the ID.4.

Unlike the Tesla Model Y, there’s no front storage option in the ID.4. An opportunity that many manufacturers continue to miss out on.

Volkswagen ID.4 touchscreen


The VW system has been one that has divided opinion in recent years.

It’s by no means one of the best systems to use in this sector, something like a Model Y is far more advanced, but it is by no means a bad one either.

With so many menus and sub-sections, it’s one that you’ll need to learn to use in a way that works for you, with customisation options available to help with your everyday needs and wants.

Depending on your preference, it’s important to note there is a huge lack of physical buttons in the ID.4, with a reliance on haptic-feedback touch sensitive buttons and sliders.

It can sometimes be fiddly to use on the move, but you do have steering wheel shortcuts and voice control to fall back on.


The Volkswagen ID.4 ranks among one of the best scoring electric SUVs during its Euro NCAP safety tests. It scored five stars out of five, with an Adult Occupant score of 93% and a Child Occupant score of 89%.

The ID.4 does feature a generous kit list. Adaptive Cruise Control comes as standard across the range, as well as a high-quality rear-view camera, front and rear parking sensors, and front seat ISOFIX points for busy families.

Volkswagen ID.4 driving

Model lines & equipment

The ID.4 range offers so much variety with its vast number of battery options and trim levels. Below, we have outlined each trim level available and the corresponding battery options you can choose from.

We’ve also highlighted some of the key basic equipment you’ll get as standard, with the biggest visual difference in each trim level being the size of the alloy wheels.

The bigger battery trim options deeper in the range can come with 19inch or 20inch wheel, depending on specification.

Life Edition – from £38,985

Battery options: 52kWh Pure, 77kWh Pro, 77kWh Pro Performance & 77kWh Pro Performance 4MOTION

  • 'Interior Style' comfort seats in Art velours microfleece
  • LED headlights
  • Wireless App-Connect
  • Heated front seats
  • Leather-wrapped, heated, multi-function steering wheel with touch control
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Style Edition – from £42,390

Battery options: 52kWh Pure Performance, 77kWh Pro & 77kWh Pro Performance.

  • 'Interior Style' comfort seats in Art velours microfleece
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • Laminated safety glass from B-pillar backwards, 90% tinted
  • Matrix LED headlights with automatic headlight control, poor weather light and entry lighting
  • `Air Care Climatronic` (3-zone) with rear air conditioning control panel
  • Keyless entry and starting
  • Rear view camera

GTX – from £53,005

Battery options: 77kWh GTX

  • 4 alloy wheels "Ystad", 8J x 20 in front, 9J x 20 in rear, Black, diamond-turned surface
  • Inserts of front seats and outer rear seats in fabric "GTX"
  • Matrix LED headlights with automatic headlight control, poor weather light and entry lighting
  • "Discover Max" 12-inch Navigation infotainment display
  • Augmented reality head-up display
  • Rear view camera
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • Laminated safety glass from B-pillar backwards, 90% tinted
  • Keyless entry and starting
  • Heated front seats
  • `Air Care Climatronic` (3-zone) with rear air conditioning control panel


The ID.4 very much fits into the ‘non-frivolous’ segment of the electric SUV market. It’s not one that will stand out from the crowd in its design, but what it does offer is assured performance and a decent range.

The quality and practicality of the interior space is going to be perfect for bustling families or busy work trips. 

It offers fantastic value and versatility through its generous standard kit list and vast number of battery and trim level combinations.

For something more eye-catching, consider something like the Ioniq 5 or the Enyaq iV, but sometimes, the sensible option is the smart choice. 

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