We’re looking across the pond at the best American cars you can lease.

Burgers, baseball, big wide-open roads…

There are many things our friends in America are known for – and lovely, big cars is just one of them.

While our tiny B-roads might not be so suited to some of the monster trucks available in the States, there are still several American cars that you can get your mitts on over here in the UK.

Sure, driving the Fisker Ocean in ‘California’ mode might not hit the same if you’re not driving it in actual California.

But we dare you to say that driving it through Cornwall on a hot summer day wouldn’t involve the same sense of pure, unadulterated joy.

We’ve rounded up four of the most popular American cars to lease, in case the stalwart German offerings aren’t quite doing it for you this time around.

Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean

One of the more recent offerings to make it out of America, the Fisker Ocean is an SUV with a difference.

It’s electric – which is not that different – but it’s been built with some real thought and care when it comes to both the sustainability element, and the actual enjoyment of owning and being in a car.

The Ocean is the only car we’ve ever seen to come with what Fisker have dubbed the ‘Taco Tray’ (a little tray that folds out in front of the driver for tacos, or fish ’n’ chips, or whatever snacks take your fancy on the day)(or you could rest your laptop on it and do some work, but that wouldn’t be half as fun).

But it’s not just in the little innovative features where the Fisker Ocean is a winner.

It’s a beautiful looking thing, taking all the usual SUV cues and elevating them into a car that looks and feels premium. It’s also filled with glass, so the cabin is light and airy.

The panoramic roof on the top-spec Extreme model even has a solar panel built in to give the car some extra juice when the sun is shining. More useful if you do live in the Sunshine State, but still useful at giving you an extra boost over here.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

If you’ve managed to get to 2023 without seeing a Tesla on the road, you’re doing a better job than us.

We’ve seen a lot of Teslas.

In fact, the Tesla Model Y was the best-selling electric car in the UK last year, and it’s not hard to see why. With the irresistible combination of good looks, plenty of space and a generous range, it’s an excellent entry into electric leasing.

The cabin is spacious, the boot generous, the minimalist interior appealing. It ticks all the boxes, and a monthly Tesla lease makes it fairly affordable too – and much easier to fit into your budget.

It comes complete with plenty of kit too, so you’ll never be bored on the go.

Not only does it have all the nice bits, like two-zone climate control, heated seats, adaptive cruise control and the mammoth touchscreen that Tesla have become infamous for, but it also has plenty of extras.

Ever been trapped at the motorway services waiting for the traffic to die down before you venture off again?

Never fear – the infotainment system lets you watch movies, and even play games, while you’re parked up.

Just don’t get so comfy you forget where you’re heading.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler

The only non-electric car to make the list, the Jeep Wrangler is an icon for a reason.

Able to trace its roots right back to the original Jeep of the 1940s, the Wrangler is a 4x4 that’s designed to put in the hard yards, and not just look nice on your driveway.

It’s pretty compact, though the styling makes it look larger than it actually is. The Wrangler comes in two different lengths: a short wheelbase, two-door model that’s a little larger than the MINI Countryman, and the long wheelbase, four-door model more similar to a BMW X5.

The cabin is in both models still spacious enough for everyday life, though the rear room is slightly reduced in the shorter model, and there’s a good amount of storage for all your bits and pieces.

If you’re looking to do a spot of off-roading any time soon, this is the vehicle for you.

You can even take the roof and doors off, if you fancy off-roading with the wind in your hair and the thrill that, without your seatbelt holding you back, you could go flying out of the open door at any time.

An excellent choice for the whole family.

Ford Mustang Mach-e

Ford Mustang Mach-e

Ford’s first ever fully electric car, the Ford Mustang Mach-e is big news.

There’s no Ford badging on it though, Ford leading instead with the iconic Mustang badge. And you’ll know that it’s a Mustang from the chunky styling cues. It’s all very American – and it’s all very good.

It not only looks great, but it’s versatile enough to be an everyday family vehicle. The cabin is spacious and the boot space generous, with the additional 100L frunk in the nose to stow away your charging cables.

There’s a good amount of interior storage too, with two central trays (including wireless phone charging), a deep bin, a couple of cupholders and decent sized door pockets.

The claimed range is competitive, clocking in at 372 miles if you go for the larger 98kWh battery. But even the smaller 75kWh battery will have enough juice on a single charge to get you to most places with no issues.

Unless, of course, you’re frequently driving Lands End to John O’Groats.

But Ford is part of the Ionity network, so on the off chance you are driving the full length of England and Scotland, you’ll be able to get back to 80% charge in just under 40 minutes with a 150kW fast charger. 

Want to get behind the wheel of your own American car?

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