Top 7 quirky SUVs
Ryan Darby

Ryan Darby

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What are the best looking SUVs?

Such is the popularity of SUVs, manufacturers are battling amongst themselves to make them more affordable and even more unique.

At the top end of the market, there are some fantastic SUVs on offer; like the BMW X5Mercedes-Benz EQC or even the Land Rover Discovery.

However, not every motorist has the budget to go for a Land Rover Discovery lease, so in recent years we have seen a huge push to make SUVs accessible to more drivers. 

This has forced manufacturers to be brave and come up with innovative features and eye-popping designs at an affordable price.

We have compiled a list of some of the best and most unique SUVs on the market that promise distinctive style and substantial substance. 

Green Ford Puma ST

Ford Puma

The Ford Puma is a halfway house between a hatchback and an SUV. Inspired by the ever-so-popular Fiesta, though it’s notably a bit more bulbous than the infamous hatchback 

It has noticeably large front headlights that sit much higher than traditional SUVs. Couple that with the large front grille and you have an SUV that looks like it is pulling the cheesiest of grins. Compare the Ford Puma design to some of its more traditional rivals like the Seat Arona or Volkswagen T Cross and you’re certainly not short of character.

If you know you want a Ford SUV but might prefer a more refined design, we recommend considering our Ford Kuga lease deals.

There’s a reason why Ford leasing is so popular and that reflects in the Puma – it’s practical and effective. 

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Orange Renault Captur

Renault Captur

Like the Ford Puma, the Renault Captur takes plenty of inspiration from its hatchback alternative, the Clio.

The Captur is one of the more practical compact SUVs on the market thanks to its adjustable rear seats that allow you to create an array of different boot space configurations.

Achieve up to 536L of space by moving the rear bench forward. If you would like more legroom for your passengers? Simply slide it back. That flexibility allows the Captur to rival some of the best in its class.

While the Captur’s exterior design may not be as bold as the Puma, its character shines through with the interior, where a splash of colour and some nice quality finishes make it an enjoyable place to be. It is no surprise to see the Renault Captur lease deals become such a popular option for families.

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Nissan Juke Tekna

Nissan Juke

We’ve spent a lot of time in the Nissan Juke recently and it certainly solidified its place in our list of unique SUVs. We’re pitching in the category of an SUV for drivers that don’t necessarily need an SUV. Let us explain…

If you take out a Nissan Juke lease, what you’ll get in return is a compact SUV that certainly isn’t lacking in any power. It feels punchy to drive and certainly won’t struggle to pick up speed on the motorway. 

It is not without its quirks though, and a lot of that comes from the design. On the outside, Nissan have tried to tame the Juke from previous models by giving it more angular lines and dare we say it, somewhat Range Rover Evoque vibes? Stay with us here... the side profile is similar to that of the Evoque. Though from the rear we're thinking more Honda than JLR. 

With the interior, you’re not short of high levels of comfort or nice quality finishes in the cabin. However, if interior space is a priority, you might be better off upgrading to the Nissan Qashqai. But if you’re simply after a bigger drive, there’s potential for the Juke to be fun to drive.

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jeep renegade longitude

Jeep Renegade

Competing against its big brother, the Jeep Wrangler, was never going to be easy. However, in the Renegade, Jeep have produced a no-nonsense compact SUV that still gives you an element of that edge and character promised with the former.

They have combined some of the core values and stylistic choices that have defined the brand and adapted them with the modern demand for compact and practical SUVs.

The Renegade turns its nose up at convention within the class thanks to its boxy design, while the circular headlights and wide front grille give it an unmistakable look.

By definition, a ‘renegade’ is someone who rejects the idea of ‘conventional behaviour’ and that sums this Jeep up perfectly. It’s different and has a bit of edge to it. With off-road capabilities throughout the Renegade range, you can both have fun and still enjoy a practical SUV that is ready for family life.

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Toyota C-HR

If a bold design is at the top of your wish list as you search for your next SUV lease deal, look no further than the Toyota C-HR.

The C-HR’s design is striking, to say the least, especially if you choose the ‘scorched orange’ as part of your two-tone paint option, which really makes the car stand out.

From the front, the C-HR looks like an improved and more muscular Yaris. Meanwhile, the sloping roof gives it a noticeably low profile and the two rear spoilers add to its sporty feel.

Like so many in this market, the design could be the defining factor that separates the C-HR from its rivals.

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Mini countryman

Mini Countryman

Throughout their entire history, there has always been something unique about a MINI.

Mini have over the years built up a style that all their cars would go on to be renowned for. You could argue that they risked losing some of that charm by upscaling into a compact SUV.

Fortunately for MINI fans, that isn’t the case. The Countryman retains that famous MINI styling, be it through the bodywork or the Union Jack rear lights. It is a MINI by name, but it is anything but ‘mini’ by nature.

The character and uniqueness that comes with the MINI Countryman doesn’t end with the exterior – the interior and infotainment system is like no other that you will find in rival compact SUVs.

The Countryman retains the huge circular centre screen that we have seen in other models like the MINI Electric and the fact it is based on the excellent BMW iDrive system means it is as easy to use, as it is good looking.

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Fiat 500X test drive review

Fiat 500X

Have you ever sat inside a Fiat 500 and wondered what it would look like as an SUV? Well, Fiat have provided the answer to your unanswered question. 

The 500X is exactly what it says on the tin, a bigger, more robust edition of the famous Fiat 500. We have used the world bulbous here already to describe the Ford Puma and the same can be said for the 500X with the two very similar in some elements of their design.

While the 500X has some similarities to the 500, it is a far cry from the cute little Italian car that has proven to be so popular over the years. It shares more similarities with the aforementioned Jeep Renegade, which has the same platform.

As we have come to expect from Fiat, with various trim levels available, there is plenty of opportunities to customise your 500X to your liking. The interior may not be rivalling the very best in the class, but it’s practical, comfortable and screams of that retro Fiat design complimented with a vibrant pop of colour.

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There simply is a lot of choice for those looking to lease a small or compact SUV but don’t want to pay for the premium brand.

Add in honourable mentions for the likes of the Suzuki Jimny or the Honda HR-V and you really aren’t short for choice.

As with many cars in this price bracket, they may not all be perfect, but it is the small touches and charm that can set them apart from one another.

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